Cybersecurity – Everything you need to know about it

Cybersecurity is important An increasing number large companies are going online to conduct business. The internet revolution has changed our lives and made them better. Everything is now available at a click from the comfort of your home. Everything, from apparel to medicines can be delivered right to our doorsteps via delivery apps and websites. This has allowed for the growth of many companies, but also has created security threats. Every organization must consider cybersecurity. Any company could be affected by data threats that could impact its growth prospects. Hackers are also a threat because of the ease and accessibility […]

Cybersecurity Controls explained in detail

Cyber Security Cyber security is a rapidly growing industry in this era. The main goal is to reduce cyber-attacks. Cyber security professionals are responsible to protect IT infrastructure, control devices, networks, data, and other information. What is cyber security? Why is it so important What are the best ways to stop cyber-attacks from happening? Let’s take a look at this article. Cyber security is a technique to protect internet-connected systems like computers, servers, mobile devices, and networks from malicious activity. Cyber technology refers to networks, programs, systems, data, and other technologies. Security refers to the protection of all cyber assets. […]

Guide to Cybersecurity Career Pathways

Top Cybersecurity Career Pathways Cybersecurity careers offer lucrative opportunities and flexible pathways. This allows you to join a growing industry with more qualified candidates than available jobs. This is a highly sought-after career path. Data protection is a pressing need due to the rapid increase in data generation and exchange. Many people are now considering cybersecurity careers. Leading companies require cybersecurity professionals to protect their networks and confidential information. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the covid-19 pandemic led to a boost in cybersecurity-related jobs. Between 2020 and 2030, cybersecurity jobs are expected to increase by 33%. This […]

Cyber Security Analyst – How To Become, Job Demand, and Top Certifications

How to become a Cyber Security Analyst by 2021 The internet will always be the second sustaining factor of life in today’s tech-era. As we live in this technologically-driven age, we are closely connected to the activities of websites. We use the internet constantly and feed our information via computers and phones. You can now do work that used to take hours or days with just one click. Thanks to cybersecurity analysts specialists, all of these processes are possible. We are all aware that every credential has its advantages and disadvantages. Cybercrimes increase as more information is transmitted to computers. […]

Top 10 Reasons a firm would require a BIM manager

Technological advances have had a significant impact on industries over the past few years. Small-scale professionals, brands, and organizations are now using these techniques to grow their businesses. BIM, or building information modeling, is a popular strategy in the architecture and design industries. This process is primarily 3-D-oriented and involves contracts, technologies and tools needed for planning, constructing and designing architecture or managing design projects. Multiple organizations use this software, or hire BIM managers, because it is so easy to use. According to McGraw Hill’s SmartMarket2 study, 57% of BIM users reported fewer project errors. There are many reasons that […]

Top 10 Reasons Cisco SISE Certification is a Good Choice

Table of Contents What is Cisco 300-715 SISE certification? Ten Reasons to Get Cisco SISE Certification Training Why choose NetCom Learning for Cisco SISE Certification Training Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), an identity and access control platform, allows for the creation and execution of security & accessibility policies for end-point devices that are connected to the company’s switches and routers. It combines multiple services into a single policy plane that can be used across the entire organization. These services include the 3As: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting through web authentication. Training your employees on Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine is essential. […]

Top 10 Programming Languages of 2018

Language is what makes us different from other species. It’s why we became a collaborative society and have since surpassed all other species in the field of innovation. The computer was the most powerful tool we were able create. Innovation brought tools and revolutions. Computers have had an impact on nearly everything, from calculations to social interaction, and now it is the heart of modern society. Programmable machines were first described by the Musa brothers in the 9th century as an automatic flute player. Interesting algorithms were also introduced to program machinery during the industrial revolution, which triggered the progression […]

Top 10 IT Certifications that Guarantee You a Job at a Good Salary in 2020

If you are looking to grow your career, the highest-paying certifications should be on your list. It is a cliché to say that you must have at least one certification to improve your career in IT. Instead, you should focus on the credentials you need to increase your earning potential by 2020. Recent developments in the IT sector have revealed that cybersecurity and Cloud computing is the most important technical areas that every organization should be paying attention to. This is a great opportunity for professionals looking to improve their careers and increase their income. This blog post will discuss […]

How Microsoft Learning Partners can ensure verifiable results through end-to-end training solutions

Many businesses are struggling to keep up with rapid technological change and the onset digital transformation. A qualified workforce that is properly trained, retrained and certified is essential for reaching business goals in digital environments using evolving technologies. Your competitiveness will be affected if you hire only academically talented, highly skilled, and experienced talent, without adequate focus on “Upskilling, Learning, and Development”. Up to 40% of American employees leave their jobs within the first 12 months. Around 20% leave within six weeks after receiving less than satisfactory training. Engagement and employee satisfaction can be improved by paying attention to the […]

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Teams can help your organization collaborate better

Do you know that the number one challenge facing modern organizations is ensuring collaboration in the new remote work model? Collaboration is key to managing teams, customer relationships, and even daily operations. This can lead to inefficient work processes and ultimately, harm the company’s interests. What we need today is a blended model of working thatenablesflexibilitywith accountability – thus allowing the entire team or business to work collectively as one entity towards their shared goals and responsibilities. Microsoft Technology is an enabler for collaboration The cloud and technology have played a key role in this global scenario, providing some relief […]