Critical Chain Project Management

Critical Chain Project Management is a technique for analyzing the schedule network. It takes into account task dependencies and limited resources (people, equipment, and physical space) in order to determine the best way to complete the project. CCPM is a method that allows project managers to plan and manage their projects by focusing on Critical Path (also known under the Critical Chain). The origin of Critical Chain Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt developed Critical Chain Project Management in 1997 to address inability to complete tasks within budget and time. The method was first introduced by Dr. Goldratt in his Theory of Constraints […]

Creative Director vs. Artist Director [Responsibilities & Key Differences]

It is easy to confuse an art director and a creative director, as many people use the terms interchangeably. Their responsibilities are what distinguish these roles. The difference lies in their responsibilities. This article will explain the differences between creative director and art director, and how they can be useful for your company. Although they may have many responsibilities, this position is primarily tied to the boardroom. Creative directors are responsible for meeting clients, upper management and team members. Let’s say that a client wants you to work on a billboard advertising campaign. The creative director is the person who […]

ActiveCollab – Creating Value For Our Customers

The Strategic Creativity duo, now cofounders, decided to start a business pitch that led to the first client, making it possible for PULSO to be founded. They have contributed to the building of the agency through their diverse talents, learning from past projects, and meeting client expectations. Humanizing the agency allows us all to remember that together we are stronger, as the challenges keep us learning. “The remote experience It was a difficult task to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to see the half-full picture and experience the new remote work culture. It is a family with each […]

ActiveCollab – Unique Brand Experiences

Story written byRene Verkaart, Creative Director at Stoere Binken Design How can you make an impact on the world around you? Stoere Binken Design was founded in 1995. It is a Dutch design agency that focuses on creative branding projects. While we are primarily focused on creating websites and other online solutions for our clients, print design is still a significant part of our studio. We love solving problems and taking on new challenges. That’s why we don’t want to do the same thing twice. Our strength is to create innovative solutions for each client and to create brand experiences […]

Create a Implementation Plan

Implementation plans are crucial in the development and execution of ideas, methods, and projects for businesses and organizations. Research shows that companies with an execution and implementation plan have 70% higher returns than those who don’t. A project implementation plan is a plan that helps you make business decisions. Implementation plans facilitate a policy, algorithm or standard, specification, design model, idea, plan, or plan by defining the steps that all members must follow. An implementation plan is a set of steps that you must follow to achieve success. You may be wondering what a strategy plan is. This plan is […]

New Training: Cisco Network Services

Knox Hutchinson, SPOTO trainer, teaches intermediate skills in 29-video training. He explains how to transform your knowledge network into an innovative, simple, agile, and innovative solution that you can adopt, deploy, manage, and migrate confidently. Cisco offers many options in terms of routing devices and networks. Their unique strengths are evident in their large, multi-tenant and enterprise data center infrastructures. The task of managing large networks and all the data they contain can be overwhelming for network administrators. Cisco Network Services is available to help with transition and administration. Cisco Network Services Manager, Cisco Network Orchestrator or Cisco’s expert, hands-on […]

New Training: Cisco IOS XE Gateway and Media Resources

This intermediate training video, 48 videos, by SPOTO trainer Lalo Nunez, covers the knowledge network administrators must have to manage and configure Cisco’s IOSXE operating system, and provide media resources to enterprise users. This is the new Cisco training. Cisco offers the most flexible and reliable systems to keep collaboration flowing when it comes to delivering media resources enterprise wired or wireless network users. Cisco’s IOS XE operating platform is the best choice for connecting users, securing networks, and automating tasks. Cisco IOS XE Gateway & Media Resources training is essential to ensure that media traffic flows smoothly through a […]

New Training: Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300 – 410 ENARSI).

This 232-video, intermediate CCNP Enterprise (300 -410 ENARSI), training course by SPOTO trainers Keith Barker & Knox Hutchinson covers the knowledge network engineers need in order to implement and troubleshoot advanced routing technologies for Cisco enterprise networks. This forty-part series expands on the 350-401 ENCOR training and covers advanced networking topics such as EIGRP and OSPF v2 or v3, MP-BGP and MPLS VPNs. It also covers advanced networking principles such as network programming and network programmability. The course covers 40 skills, including: Tools for Route Manipulation & Control Troubleshoot Summarization Configure and verify policy-based routing Configure and verify VRF-Lite Bidirectional […]

Cisco Collaboration Solutions and Architecture: New Training

SPOTO trainer Lalo Nunez explains the knowledge network administrators need in order to describe the Cisco suite collaboration technologies, the architectures available for maintaining them, and the approaches to deploying them. This video demonstrates Cisco Collaboration. Any organization, but especially enterprise-sized ones, can find it difficult to choose a collaboration solution or make changes to an existing one. This Cisco Collaboration Solutions and Architecture training will provide a network administrator/collaboration engineer with an understanding about the various deployments possible with Cisco collaboration technologies. Cisco collaboration solutions are available in a variety of ways. They can be delivered on-premises, hybrid, or […]

New Training: Cisco Collaboration Protocols and Codecs.

This 38-video intermediate training by SPOTO trainer Lalo Nunez teaches network administrators how to recognize, navigate and configure the codes and protocols that different Cisco collaboration endpoints use for seamless and lag-free communications. This is the new Cisco training. You might think that managing Cisco’s various collaboration endpoints is easy. But, at last count, they had over 18 unique devices for conference room collaboration. This doesn’t include their desktops, IP phones, headsets, or peripherals. Although many devices can speak the same “language”, not all of them do. They need the assistance of network administrators to ensure that their data is […]