10 Best Project Management Software with Client Portals

The Best Project Management Software With Client Portal List Here’s the best software for project management with client portals. JUMP TO REVIEWS monday.com Manage client relations, showcase project plans, tag customers to get feedback Wrike A powerful collaboration tool for teams of any size Service Provider Pro Best client portal software for managing orders, invoices and subscriptions OneDesk A client portal that allows for easy troubleshooting and task prioritizing EasyProjects EasyProjects has a minimalist design and keeps it simple with project tracking and tagging Client Portal for WordPress Ideal for contractors and freelancers who need a portal that can manage […]

10 Best Project Management Software for Startups [2022]

This post will focus on the tools that are most useful to startup project managers. Startup project management requires you to keep your fingers on the pulse of an organization that isn’t yet established. Roles shift, products change frequently as you move to agile/scrum methodologies. Your org must be ready to scale at all times. Startups are very different from small businesses. Team members often work across multiple areas of the business. They rely on transparency and quick access for updates happening anywhere in the company in real time. Startup companies need to be able to manage their projects quickly, […]

10 Best Project Management Software for Small Businesses

10 Best Project Management Software for Small Businesses Here are the top PM software options for small businesses. JUMP TO REVIEWS monday.com is the best for flexibility and integrations Clickup Premium features are available in the free version to provide a better user experience. Kintone Best is a company that can help you create custom project workflows Zoho Projects Flexible Work Allocation Tools Miro Best is a collaborative whiteboard & visualization company Asana Best for goal setting and tracking Remote management with Wrike Best Teamwork Best PM App for Client Work TeamGantt The best Gantt charts at a low cost […]

10 Best Project Management Dashboard Software of 2022

How can project managers monitor project progress, track project status, manage project portfolios, and absorb real-time data? You can certainly put all of this information in an Excel spreadsheet and hope for a good outcome, but that is an outdated method of organizing a project. There are many PM dashboard software tools available that can do all the work, from time tracking to upcoming due date reporting to solid project status reports, as well as time tracking. It is essential to have a clear view of your project data in order to plan, control, develop key metrics and ensure appropriate […]

10 Best Project Management Tools for Scheduling – Digital Project Manager

The Best Project Management Calendar Tools For Scheduling Here are the top project management tools: JUMP TO REVIEWS monday.com is the best for workflow automation Google Workspace Calendar The best free project management calendar Microsoft Project Best for Task Management Bitrix24 The best communication tools Wrike is the best tool for agile project management Smartsheet Best for creating BI Reports Clickup Best mobile app version Hive Best is a great choice for large companies Odoo Best open-source project management calendar Time tracking with Float Best According to the World Health Organization (WHO), working under pressure is one of leading causes […]

Top Project Managers Share 10 Tips to Inspire Their Team

Words. They are so powerful, don’t you think? They can inspire or incinerate. Your words have a deeper impact on your team than you might realize. Top project managers know how to inspire their team members to achieve rewarding heights. They are able to move from mentor to manager by asking the right questions. These are the top ten questions project managers ask to empower their teams. 1) Can you help me solve it? Do you know the value of synergy and collaboration? It means that we can all do more together. Perhaps you have already decided how you want […]

10 TeamGantt Features That You Didn’t Probably Know Exist

Simplicity. Clean design. Easy to use. This is just a small sample of the feedback we receive when we ask people about their favorite aspects of TeamGantt. We are proud of our ability to focus on what our customers really need in a Gantt Chart. You’ll also find many TeamGantt features underneath that will help you save time, get more done, and keep track on your team’s progress. We’ve compiled a list of 10 features that you may not have known existed. These features can help you and your team improve your workflow. Feature #1: Baselines A baseline is a […]

10 Sales Tips to Win the Most Tough Customers

I walked into the white office to see my biggest client, who was glaring at me behind his intimidating mahogany desk. He was furious that my company had increased the price of his last purchase. Higher up in the ladder, he had decided to add an additional fee to increase profits. I had to do something about the frustration that was hitting me like waves, as I sat in my cubicle, feeling almost like a child under his stern eyes. Conflict will occur in every customer/business relationship. It’s unavoidable. It’s inevitable. If you see the positive side of each interaction, […]

10 Reasons Planning is Important in Project Management

You’ve probably experienced the difficulties of managing projects, such as missing deadlines, going over budget, or dealing with unhappy clients or team members. It’s not easy to let people down. We believe that having a plan is one of the most important things you can do as project managers–for your own peace-of-mind as well as for your team. Your best defense against common pitfalls that can lead to project failure is a plan. Let’s look at 10 benefits of project management planning. 1. Plans minimize stress Imagine building IKEA cabinets using only a photo of the final kitchen as a […]

10 Principles of Servant leadership (and Why It’s our Favorite Style)

“If your actions inspire others to dream more and learn more, do better and become more, you’re a leader.” – John Quincy AdamsWhen Nathan, my husband, and I founded TeamGantt we decided to break with tradition and try a new approach. We care more about being part the team and setting up people for success than making sure everyone knows who the boss is. This is why servant leadership has become our preferred style of leadership. Let’s take a closer view at servant leadership and the 10 characteristics that make a leader a servant leader. What is servant leadership? Servant […]