This post will focus on the tools that are most useful to startup project managers. Startup project management requires you to keep your fingers on the pulse of an organization that isn’t yet established. Roles shift, products change frequently as you move to agile/scrum methodologies. Your org must be ready to scale at all times.
Startups are very different from small businesses. Team members often work across multiple areas of the business. They rely on transparency and quick access for updates happening anywhere in the company in real time.
Startup companies need to be able to manage their projects quickly, reliably, with flexibility, and in a way that allows them to connect with other useful apps. Startups don’t have the time to waste so they need software that can keep up. Here’s our pick for the best project management software in 2022.
10 Best Project Management Software for Startups
These are the top project management softwares for startups in 2022.
JUMP TO REVIEWS is the best place to find creative collaborators

ClickUp Best for teams that need a fully-featured tool at an affordable price

Miro Best is a collaborative whiteboard & visualization company

Freedcamp Best mobile app

Asana Best is easy to adopt

Trello Best for Kanban boards

Wrike Best for External Collaborators

Teamwork is the best for product management teams

TeamGantt Best for Gantt charts

Basecamp Best for project stand ups

Comparison Criteria for Startup Project Management Software
What criteria should we be looking for when selecting project management software for startups? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). Is it modern, simple, easy to use, and understandable?
Usability: Is it easy for users to master and learn? Is the company able to provide good tech support, user support, and tutorials to help reduce the learning curve?
Integrations: Does it integrate with other software? You’ll want to ensure that it integrates with a file manager tool if it doesn’t offer file sharing. This will allow you to keep all your files versions for different projects in one place. A pre-built integration with Jira is a must for software development teams.
Value for $: Is it affordable for startups and small teams? Is it free to start? Are there free trials?
Key Features of Small Business Task Management Software
Here are some features I look out for when evaluating project management systems for startups and small businesses.
Streamlined management features: Startups don’t have the resources to train and onboard employees. The tool must allow them to plan their projects quickly with a manageable learning curve.
Software for team collaboration and file-sharing: Communication is key to any startup’s success.
Real-time updates among team members: Things change quickly and are constantly changing so it is important that each team member receives the most up-to-date information as soon as they can.
Roadmap with automated follow ups: Your startup team will need a clear roadmap. You will also want a way to ping your team leaders if you have any questions or require corrections.
A collaboration tool that can span multiple projects: Startups are often managing many projects simultaneously. From social media upkeep to product design to hiring, you will need an app that unites all branches of collaboration in one central location.
Scrum boards for visibility of backlog: This helps busy teams visualize the tasks that need to be completed for each sprint and pin down items with lower priority. It helps startup PMs keep their t.