The Best Project Management Calendar Tools For Scheduling
Here are the top project management tools:
JUMP TO REVIEWS is the best for workflow automation

Google Workspace Calendar The best free project management calendar

Microsoft Project Best for Task Management

Bitrix24 The best communication tools

Wrike is the best tool for agile project management

Smartsheet Best for creating BI Reports

Clickup Best mobile app version

Hive Best is a great choice for large companies

Odoo Best open-source project management calendar

Time tracking with Float Best

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), working under pressure is one of leading causes of stress in the workplace. This can be avoided by proper scheduling. A project management software program can help you keep a schedule that is efficient and allows you to meet your goals without putting too much pressure on yourself or your employees.
This article will show you the best project management software that you can use to manage your projects and help your employees have a stress-free, productive work life. Let’s start!
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My Project Management Calendar App Comparison Criteria
What should I look for in a project management calendar? Here is a summary of my evaluation criteria.
User Interface (UI). I’m looking to find a tool that has a simple user interface and a pleasing design. The calendar should be easy to read, flexible, and customizable.
Usability: I want software that is intuitive to use for setting milestones and deadlines for both newbies as well as advanced users.
Integrations: I am looking for software that integrates a variety of productivity tools, such as communication, HR, ERM and CRM.
Value for $: I am looking for software that is both powerful and affordable, but also has transparent pricing.
Project Management Calendar: Key Features
Customization: Allows users add events, tasks, and projects to shared calendars.
Reporting: This allows users to access data for reporting purposes.
Time tracking: Allows users to track time spent on tasks.
Data filtering: Select the content you want to see on your calendar.
Color Coding: This color code helps you organize your calendar using visual cues.
Drag-and-drop: Rearrange deadlines quickly without having to resort to menu diving
Priority tags: Find out the priority levels for upcoming tasks.
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Overview of the 10 Best Project Management Calendar Solutions
Below is a brief description of each app for project management. It also includes some notable features and screenshots that give an overview of the interface.
Best for workflow automation can automate repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate on your projects.’s calendar view lets you track the progress of your projects and ensure everyone follows the work schedule. You can drill down on subtasks to track dependencies and determine if there are any device contingencies. is the best choice if repetitive and simple tasks consume a lot of your time.’s automation functionality can take care of these tasks for you. Automated responses and actions can be set up to automate simple tasks such as sending an email after you receive a project proposal, receiving updates on milestones, and receiving alerts when the end date approaches. is compatible with Google Calendar, Dropbox and Excel as well as other productivity tools.