Simplicity. Clean design. Easy to use. This is just a small sample of the feedback we receive when we ask people about their favorite aspects of TeamGantt.
We are proud of our ability to focus on what our customers really need in a Gantt Chart. You’ll also find many TeamGantt features underneath that will help you save time, get more done, and keep track on your team’s progress.
We’ve compiled a list of 10 features that you may not have known existed. These features can help you and your team improve your workflow.
Feature #1: Baselines
A baseline is a snapshot of the current status of your project at any time. It provides a snapshot of your team’s progress, including completed tasks, jobs that seem to have fallen through the cracks, as well as how close you are getting to meeting your deadlines.
Go to Menu > Baselines > Create a New Baseline Set to create a baseline.
You can choose baselines over time to compare the planned timeline with the actual or current timeline. This will allow you to determine what to add or subtract from the project in order to achieve your project goals.
Feature #2: Open multiple projects within one gantt charts
Did you know that you can open and manage multiple projects in one gantt charts? This is especially useful if your job involves overseeing multiple projects each day.
There are three ways to open multiple projects simultaneously:
Click on My Projects in the sidebar menu. Check the boxes to the right of each project’s name in the My Active Projects section. Once you are done, click on the Open Multiple Projects button at bottom of page.
Open the sidebar menu to locate your Active Projects. Click the Select Multiple link and select the projects you wish to open. To do this, tick the boxes to left of each project’s name. Once you are done, click on the Open Selected Projects button. This will open the selected project in a new gantt diagram.
You can open additional projects while you are working on a project by clicking Menu > Open Projects. This allows you to open completed and on-hold projects. TeamGantt will automatically open the projects that you select.
This tutorial will show you how to open multiple projects simultaneously.
Feature #3: Request a Progress Update
It can be difficult to reach out to a colleague for a progress update. This is because you need to create follow-up emails every time. TeamGantt solves the problem by allowing you automatically request a status update in just 2 clicks.
Click the chat bubble left of the task.
Click the top right to request a progress update. TeamGantt will send an e-mail to the person/people responsible for the task, reminding them to update their% Complete.
Zoom, Feature #4
Did you know that you can change the view of your project so that tasks are displayed on a daily or weekly basis. Zoom allows you to zoom in or out of the chart with TeamGantt’s 60% Week View (36-months) being the maximum zoom level.
You can also change the font size for the chart by clicking the same menu. You can choose from 9 to 16 points, depending on what suits you best.
Feature #5 – Share your gantt charts with non-TeamGantt users
You may want to share a TeamGantt Project with someone you don’t have invited to it, whether you are preparing for a client meeting or public presentation. You have two options in TeamGantt to share a read-only view or gantt chart. This saves you from inviting additional people to your project.
Option 1: Embed your gantt chart
Go to Menu > Embed and select your project name. Copy the iFrame URL or URL for your gantt charts from the dialog box. The embed settings can be customized to customize what your viewer sees. You can hide or show certain information such as comments, documents, estimated hours, etc.
Option 2: Share a URL that is view-only