Are you looking to earn Prince2 credentials? If so, you need to know how to get the best price for your money and the Prince2 Certification Cost. Let’s now discuss the Prince2 Certification Cost. Before we get into the Prince2 Certification cost, let’s first understand the requirements for certification and the types of Prince2 courses that are available.
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This post will explain what Prince2 is, the levels it has, and how much it costs to get certified. It will also provide information about what options you have for getting your Prince2 certification. Before we get into the details of the costs associated with Prince2 certification cost, we need to understand the reasons behind the prices and what we are actually paying.
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What is Prince2?
Prince2 is a highly successful Project Management Method. It is especially popular in the United Kingdom. This certification is the most sought-after for projects in government sector in the United Kingdom. PRINCE2r is a registered trademark owned by AXELOS Limited. It stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments.
Prince2’s process-based approach to project management is what it stands for. Prince2 is widely used by the UK government and many agencies and agents in both the private and public sectors follow it. The prince2 process can be scaled from small businesses to large multinational corporations. This method is extremely flexible and adaptable, which is why it is so successful. It can be used by many standards. You need to know the cost of Prince2 certification and other requirements in order to become a Prince2 certified practitioner.
Prince2’s Inception
Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, now known as Office of Government Commerce (OGC), started Prince2. Simpact Systems Ltd created Prince in 1975. CCTA adopted Prince in 1979, primarily for all IT projects in the UK Government. Prince2, a result of the work of over 150 organizations all over Europe was published in 1996.
A joint venture company Axelos was established in 2013 by the cabinet office for Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom. It is known for developing, managing and improving global best practice in various areas, including Project Management. The company’s vision was to be the best company in developing and providing best practices.
Elements of Prince2
To understand the cost of Prince2 certification, we need to first understand what Prince2 is. Prince2 is based on 7 principles, processes and themes. Prince2 is a method that helps you manage projects efficiently, regardless of their size.

CertificationComponentsPrince2 Foundation and PractitionerManualCertification SchemeMembership SubscriptionThe Prince2 manual – Managing project successfully with Prince2 2017 edition.
A certification scheme that will help you understand the Foundation and Practitioner levels.
A membership subscription option.

Prince2 Certification Levels
Prince2 offers different levels of certification, which is great for project managers. Let’s find out what the requirements are for the Prince2 course, and how much it costs.
Which certification is right for you? Foundation or Practitioner. You should also know the cost of Prince2 Certification to make this decision.
Prince2 Foundation Certification
The Prince2 Foundation training program is a target