Certifications are a credible alternative to establishing a career in cloud computing. Certifications play a vital role in today’s IT landscape. Candidates should be familiar with the certifications offered by prominent public cloud computing platforms like Google Cloud certifications. The Google Cloud Platform certifications can help you to identify the right certifications for your career path.
There are many certifications available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), that suit different levels of expertise and experiences. Many candidates struggle to find the right Google cloud certification to suit their career goals. Candidates can make an informed decision by reviewing the basics of each Google cloud certification exam.
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Below is a discussion that will outline the various Google Cloud certifications currently available. This discussion will help you discover important details such as the target audience, the abilities tested and the recommended prerequisites for each certification.
Candidates can also find information about the exam format, supported language, and cost of registration. The most important information for each certification exam would be the illustration and description of subtopics within each exam objective. The description of each Google cloud certification exam will also include references to the average salary for each certification.
Why are Google Cloud Certifications Important
Before we go into the details of the Google cloud certifications list it is important to remember the importance of Google cloud certification. GCP certifications allow you to show proof of your expertise and ability to transform businesses using Google Cloud technology. GCP certification can provide qualified professionals with the following benefits:
Nearly 87% of Google Cloud certified professionals have greater confidence in their cloud skills and command.
According to the 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report of Global Knowledge the Professional Cloud Architect certification earned the highest salary in 2019.
An independent survey of Google Cloud Certified Candidates in May 2019 revealed that 30% of them assumed leadership roles or greater responsibility at work.
Types of Google Cloud Certifications
The career opportunities associated with Google Cloud certifications are obvious. It is important to choose the right GCP certification for your career path. Before reading about the individual exams, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different GCP certifications. The following three categories of certification can be found on Google Cloud Platform.
Associate Certification
Professional Certification
User Certification
Let’s briefly review each certification category before we get into the discussion about each exam on Google Cloud Platform.
Google Cloud – Associate Certification
GCP Associate Level Certifications are intended to validate the fundamental cloud skills of candidates. These skills include the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of projects on Google Cloud. The best part about associate-level certifications is that they are suitable for newcomers to the cloud. As a gateway to professional certifications, you can use the associate level Google cloud certification exam.
Google Cloud – Professional Certification
Google Cloud Platform professional-level certifications are different from associate-le certificates