The Strategic Creativity duo, now cofounders, decided to start a business pitch that led to the first client, making it possible for PULSO to be founded. They have contributed to the building of the agency through their diverse talents, learning from past projects, and meeting client expectations. Humanizing the agency allows us all to remember that together we are stronger, as the challenges keep us learning. “The remote experience
It was a difficult task to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to see the half-full picture and experience the new remote work culture. It is a family with each member being clear about their purpose and ensuring the well-being for all. ActiveCollab is a valuable partner for operational control and the redesign of the work culture. Each member handled their tools differently, which made the experience more complicated. We have been using several project management tools since 2015. During the Covid-19 pandemic we had to improve our digital communications and be better at managing and controlling projects. ActiveCollab was a great tool to help us achieve this goal. As we got tool knowledge and empirical exploration, we gained more visibility and control, allowing us to become more efficient and continuously improve.Theday-to-day operations that ActiveCollab covers
It would be visibility in a word. ActiveCollab is still part of our operations, regardless of the size of the project or the number of people involved. We can see where we are at a glance. This gives us the ability to make more informed decisions, assign tasks and ensure that we stick to our time commitments. Marie Kondo: “One of the magic effects of organizing is confidence that you can make decisions.” It was not an easy task, but the tech team took initiative and led the project beyond empirical discovery. They compared the tool with the agency’s general processes. They demonstrated the tool in a practical workshop. This allowed them to improve communication, implement creation and manufacturing processes, allocate time per person, and manage budget for profitability of projects. Thus, providing a great added value to our customers and reinforcing our differential.Technological allies
ActiveCollab has been a technological partner that has organically enhanced our business. We see the potential to offer this service to our clients and professionals, who are specialized in creating value through communications. We love badges and alliances, especially those that result in business growth. We would love to be a part of ActiveCollab’s Alliance Program and help the community take back control of their businesses.