IT security professionals who are serious about their code should be curious about what it takes to become a hacker. Knowing the vulnerabilities and weapons within IT security systems is half the battle. IT security professionals cannot afford to ignore hacking.
First, what is it like to be a hacker. Hackers possess a wide range of skills that are focused on understanding technology. Hackers are driven by curiosity. Hackers do everything, from decoding the code used to run a piece technology to actually disassembling it to find out what makes it tick. Hackers can do it all.
It’s better to concentrate your energy as a white hat hacker than as a black-hat hacker who attacks technology without permission. There are many IT security domains, or specializations, available, including application security and website security.
If you choose to specialize in IT security, you must be able to comprehend and master the technologies involved. These are four principles that will help you become a white-hat hacker.
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Get started training Establish Your Foundation Let’s take application security as an example. It is important to understand how applications are created and which code is used to create them. You will need to be familiar with the different coding languages that allow applications the ability to function and how they are received and run on different platforms. Once you have a good understanding of the base code, you can learn how coders create secure code to protect their applications from hackers. This is not an easy task but it will give you the foundation to start white hat hacking.
2. The Process This involves talking with the client, which will involve negotiation and education about white hat hacking, how it will be done, and what failsafes you have for your client and their company. It is important to establish and understand the parameters surrounding what hacking authorization your team has. All details will need to be documented, including your methods and the report. Once everything is settled, your client should sign the contract. Then, you can move on to penetration testing.
3. Do your research. To be a white hat hacker, you must remain vigilant and current. You must keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and their vulnerabilities. This information can be found by searching Google, YouTube and the dark web, as well as going to hacker events, reading books, and taking courses.
4. Practice, practice, and test to become the best white-hat hacker possible. To test your hacking skills, set up a lab. This will help you improve your hacking skills and allow you to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of your hacking strategies.
IT security professionals must be able to keep their practice and knowledge relevant in a world where technology is constantly changing. It is important to have a solid foundation. However, once you have it, it will only last as long as your knowledge and practice are relevant and consistent. Stay disciplined. Keep to your process and maintain good records. Practice, practice, and repeat. This is the key to becoming a white-hat hacker.
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