New Course: Cisco CCNP Collaboration (300-815 CLACCM)

SPOTO trainer Lalo Nunez teaches intermediate training in 200-videos. This training covers the knowledge network administrators require to provide collaboration solutions for a Cisco network. He has advanced proficiency with the protocols, elements, and elements of the CUCM. This Cisco Collaboration training is now available. Cisco’s collaboration networks, telephony and VoIP are known for their heavy lifting. However, not everything about a Cisco mobile network or IP phone is easy to use. Cisco phone networks require advanced technical knowledge and hands-on experience. The CLACCM is an essential step for administrators who manage networks that rely upon Cisco to connect phones […]

New Course: Cisco CCNA Security 210-226 IINS

As technology becomes more important for businesses, there is a growing demand for IT professionals who can protect networks and data from potential threats. Keith Barker has just completed his “Cisco Cisco CCNA Security 220-260 IINS” course. This 38-video course covers security basics such as zone-based firewalls and cryptography. It prepares you for Cisco’s revised CCNA Security exam. This training is suitable for both new and experienced IT professionals. Keith spoke with us about the course and how learners can get the most out of his new training. Q: Why should companies train IT professionals in this technology. What is […]

New Course: Cisco CCNA 640-878 SPNGN2

You can now take the next step towards becoming a CCNA provider by taking a new SPOTO course, Cisco CCNA 640-878 SPNGN2. Jeremy Cioara, a trainer, focuses on service provider networks during the 27-video course. Topics include VLANs and OSPF configuration, label shifting, and many more. It is recommended that you first watch Jeremy’s “Cisco CCNA 640-875 SPGN1” course before viewing this course. This course prepares learners for the 640-878 exam. This exam is required to earn CCNA Service Provider certification. Here’s the course listing video: Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training Start training IP […]

New Course: Cisco CCNA 640-875 SPNGN1

Are you interested in becoming a Cisco Cisco CCNA service provider This new training course by SPOTO is “Cisco CCNA 640-875 SPPNGN1”. Jeremy Cioara teaches a 34-video course on networking topics, including routing, service provider network architecture, and device management. Here’s a complete list of videos included in the course: Welcome to SPNGN1: Cisco Certification & Getting the Most from This Series IP Networks: Understanding the Service Provider Network Architecture IP Networks: Key Network Devices IP Networks: The Fantastic OSI Models and TCP/IP Models IP Networks: Connections and Diagrams. IP Addressing: The Key To IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing IP Addressing: […]

New Course: Certified In Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC). SPOTO trainer Bob Salmans teaches you how to identify and manage enterprise IT risks. This includes identifying, implementing, and maintaining information system controls that deter and prevent intrusions. This ISACA training is now available. The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control certification, also known as CRISC, is often referred to by its acronym. However, ISACA, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association that issues it, refers to it only by its acronym. The CRISC certification is a great way to demonstrate IT professionals’ risk management skills. The CRISC is a great way to show your skills in managing enterprise risk and designing information systems controls that are risk-based. After this training, you will be able to identify, forecast and analyze enterprise systemic threats. This 15-part series covers topics like identifying system vulnerabilities, creating and disseminating security governance models, and assessing risk calculations and the likelihood of security breaches. Watch the video. This series covers the following topics: Organizational Governance Security Resources Risk Governance Threat Identification Vulnerability Analysis Risk Scenario Development IT risk analysis and evaluation Risk Response Control Design Risk Monitoring and Reporting Network Security Topics include: Key Risk Indicators KRIs Digging into LANs Threat Modelling 3rd party Risk Management Discovering Networking basics This training includes: 13 hours of training and 102 videos. Start studying for CRISC today! Download

New Course: Certified Associate Python Programming (PCAP).

This 81-video entry-level training by Ben Finkel, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge new Python developers need in back-end, software, and data science at an associate-level. This is a new Python training video. Python is one the most simple and accessible programming languages available today. It’s difficult to imagine a developer not benefiting from it. The language is used by web developers all the time. It can be found on almost every server in the world, and it always appears to be on embedded devices. Data scientists and researchers depend on the hundreds upon scientific libraries to help them with their […]

New Course: CCNP Data Center (300 -610 DCID).

This intermediate training video, 492-video, by Jeff Kish, covers the knowledge network engineers must have to design a data centre that meets network, compute and storage network requirements. It also includes excellent design principles. This new Cisco Data Center training is available. Network engineers who have had to work in a poorly planned or outdated data center for any length of time have often wished they could build their own data center. This training ensures that you are prepared once you find yourself in that situation. Although not every network engineer is able to design data centers without externalities, this […]

New Course: CCIE R&S v5 All in-One: 5.0 Infrastructure Security

Anthony Sequeira, trainer, prepares students for the CCIE Route & Switch certificate in his latest course, CCIE RS v5 5.0 Infrastructure Security. Learn the technologies that are sweeping corporations today, from authorization and authentication to control lists. Anthony’s course, which consists of 16 videos and lasts 3 hours, is efficient and effective. It will prepare you for success in record-breaking time! Anthony shared his experiences in creating the course with us. Q: Why should companies train IT professionals in this technology. It is a good idea to use a Defense in Depth strategy to secure today’s networks. As an additional […]

New Course: CCIE R&S v5 All In-One 1.0

Are you ready to take the updated Cisco CCIE Routing & Switching certification exam. Watch the new SPOTO training course “Cisco CCIE routing and switching v5 All in-One: 1.0 network principles” to feel confident on test day. This 22-video course features Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira, who both teach the written exam topics for CCIE and offer many bonus tip videos on topics like exam strategy and study tips. Here’s the complete video listing of the course: CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Format CCIE R&S v4 – v5 Topic Changes Information about the CCIE Exam Bonus Tip Nugget – Why […]

New Course: AWS Solutions architect – Storage Services

Amazon Web Services continues to be used by more organizations for cloud computing. This has led to an increase in demand for IT professionals who can leverage cloud storage services. Anthony Sequeira’s newest course, AWS Solution Architect – Storage services, aims to help learners understand storage services and how to use them in real-world situations. Anthony will be covering technologies such as S3 or Glacier in the 20-video course. Anthony spoke with us about storage services and AWS. We also asked him how to get the most from his training. Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity […]