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5 Amazing Volvo Intellisafe Features
June 30, 2016 by Volvo·0 CommentsVolvo has recently unveiled a new array of safety features for their vehicles under the tag of Intellisafe. Making a bold statement, Volvo says that their vision is for no-one to be seriously injured or killed by a new Volvo vehicle by 2020. Can they accomplish this goal? Based on the innovative advancements of the Intellisafe system, they most likely can. This set of features covers all aspects of the driving experience, increasing driver safety at every level. Volvo has made some truly amazing advancement in this area which will keep drivers safe for years to come. Here are the top five features of this set:
1. Adaptive Cruise Control
This feature adds convenience, along with a higher level of safety. Any highway driver knows the value of cruise control, allowing you to relax by keeping the vehicle at a consistent speed. However, the driver generally still has to manually control the speed of the car. Volvo’s Adaptive Cruise Control eliminates this need, automatically adjusting your cruise control speed based on your distance from the car in front of you. This system maintains a safe distance between vehicles without driver control, making it easier to relax on longer journeys.

2. Driver Alert Control
One of the biggest dangers to drivers is impaired driving. Alcohol and electronic devices are not the only factors that contribute to impair driving: Drivers are often impaired by their lack of sleep. Volvo’s Intellisafe has an answer for this problem with its Driver Alert Control, which monitors your driving and alerts you if you become drowsy or inattentive at the wheel. If the system notices your distracted driving, it gets your attention and then suggests that you take a break. It even automatically finds the nearest rest stop and directs you there! This kind of simple driving aid can make a big difference in maintaining safety on the roadway.
3. Lane Keeping Aid
Volvo Intellisafe has many checks in place to maintain your safety. If you become distracted and start to drift out of your lane, cars with this feature will automatically steer themselves back into the lane. This feature is very useful, as many accidents are caused by cars changing lanes, intentionally or unintentionally. This feature will help reduce the number of these collisions, and account for any inattentive drivers. The great aspect of these Intellisafe systems is their effectiveness for all drivers involved: They protect nearby drivers even if they don’t have a Volvo vehicle.
4. Blind Spot Information System
This feature is another innovative away provides safety and awareness to Volvo drivers. Through a small light on each side mirror, this system informs drivers about any vehicles in their blind spot. Due to the shape and size of a car, there is a portion of roadway next to the car that cannot be seen using mirrors. Using radar technology, the car monitors your blind spot and activates the light when a vehicle enters that zone.  This allows drivers confidently change lanes without needing to worry about their blind spots. This feature hopefully will reduce the common occurrence of blind spot collisions.
5. Active High Beam Control
This feature again gives comfort and convenience while making the roadways safer for everyone. By automatically managing the brightness of your headlights, this system takes the stress out of nighttime driving. With this feature the car’s headlights default to the highest setting, and automatically decrease their brightness if it detects anyone on the roadway ahead of you. With this feature, Volvo drivers no longer have to worry about keeping their headlights at the right level; the car can do it without any help.
VolvoIt is my pleasure to assist those who want to increase their knowledge of the auto-industry. Please let me know if you have any questions about any model, my expertise is the history, mostly, but if you have any specific auto maintenance questions as well, let me know.We have many things to thank toward the auto-industry. It’s been the very thing that’s kept us moving as a global economy.