Pearson VUE Testing Center Closures – What it Means For Learners

Pearson VUE has shut down its testing facilities in the USA and Canada due to growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. Pearson VUE, which operates testing centers for vendors like Cisco and Linux announced the closures last Wednesday. Pearson VUE testing centres are being closed in Canada and the U.S. on a case by case basis. Test takers are advised to reschedule for their appointments beginning April 16. These are some important details from Pearson VUE that exam takers should know: If your exam is at one of these closed locations, you will be notified by email. Your exam sponsor […]

PDUs for CAPM – The Complete Guide 2022

Are you required to have PDUs in order to obtain the Certified Associate in Project Management certificate (CAPM(r))? Yes! This article will explain what this means to CAPM certification holders. It also explains how you can keep your credential without taking the exam again. Spoiler Alert: If you aren’t sure you need them, but still want to read on, I recommend this all-in package of PDUs for CAPM certificateholders. What’s new with PDUs for CAPM What has changed in the renewal requirements? How many PDUs are you going to need for CAPM? How are PDUs calculated What type of PDUs […]

Participative Transformation [Book Review]

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. I was unsure what to expect from Participative Transformation, so I subtitled it ‘Learning and Development in Practice of Change’. Before I started reading the book, I shouldn’t have had a glass. I don’t know how many times I have read page 2. It did improve, however, very quickly. Roger Klev and Morten Levine, the authors, don’t hesitate to share their thoughts. They write that “mundane perspectives are given the same space as well-founded position,” and comment on change management theories. They also point out that Jack Welch’s recipe is […]

Part 8: Expanding Our Service with GitHub

.gist width!auto!important!!.gist_file.gist_data max­height: 500pxmax­width: autoThis is the eighth part of a tutorial series by Ben Finkel that addresses the challenges, solutions, as well as the implementation of sound authentication. You will feel confident in your ability implement an authentication system, even if you have little to no background. We could just quit, as we are now authenticating with Google as our provider. We may not want our users to use Google. We want to offer them options. We could also have used the Google Identity Platform API library if we only wanted to use Google. This would have saved us […]

Part 7: Authorization Grant: Completing the OAuth Dance

.gist width:auto !important;<br /> .gist-file<br /> .gist-data max-height: 500px;max-width: auto;<br />This is part 7 of a tutorial series by Ben Finkel that addresses the challenges, solutions and implementation of sound authentication. You will feel confident in your ability implement an authentication system, even if you have little to no background. We had just sent the user directly to the Grant Authorization page of our chosen provider Google when we last left. We received a Kill response after allowing or denial of that request: It’s a self-descriptive Kill. If you were paying attention to Post #4, when we set up our […]

How to create a stellar independent PM CV that gets clients

This guest article is from Sidar OK, an executive coach that supports employees who want to increase their income by becoming independent consultants. Introduction Why investing in your CV is the best ROI activity for your independentbusiness Five principles to create a resume using the methods recruiters use Principle #1: Understand why clients hire freelancers over an employee Principle #2: Research is the king Principle #3: Presentation is key Principle #4: Use your CV as a sales copy Principle #5: Learn the language. Then ignore it Principle #6: Make it an Achiever CV, not just a Doer CV Three Lessons […]

Colin Ellis – How to Create a Project Team Culture

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Colin Ellis and I recently conducted a Live Q&A in my Facebook group. Are you a member? Join the Facebook Project Management Cafe to join the discussion. We discussed the importance of creating a culture for project teams. Below is the transcript and video. Colin EllisElizabeth : Hello everyone, it’s Elizabeth here. Welcome to today’s Facebook Q&A Session Office hours that we usually have on Fridays. Regular participants will be familiar with the fact that these sessions are usually held on Friday afternoons. However, Colin Ellis is based in Australia […]

How to create a budget for a project

What is a project’s budget? What is the process of creating a project budget? What is included in a project’s budget? Direct/Indirect CostsDirect cost Indirect costs Capex/Opex costsCapital costs Operating costs Deliverable/Management CostsProject deliverable costs Costs of project management How to Structure Your Project Budget Step 1: Plan how you will document the budget Step 2: Fill the template Step 3: Add contingency Step 4: Add tax Step 5: Get a Budget Approval Step 6: Track spending What is a project’s budget? A project budget is a financial document that estimates how much you will spend on a project. It […]

In 3 Easy Steps, Create a Checklist to Speed up Tasks

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Before having children, I was a frequent traveler. My job took me around Europe. My husband also traveled for work, and we would often meet in strange places to ensure seeing each other. It was enjoyable, but it was stressful packing because my boss wanted to me in Barcelona tomorrow. It was a burden to remember what I needed to pack with such a busy schedule. I needed to be able pack on autopilot. I had to stop remembering. So I stopped. This article will show you how I did […]

How to compile business needs

Business representatives are able to work with developers on Agile projects so that scope can evolve as the project progresses. It is okay to have ambiguous requirements in this environment. The collaborative working methods allow for clarity through constant testing of iterations of end products until they meet business requirements. The team is still trying to reduce ambiguity and define the requirements for the project, but it’s being done in an entirely different way than the approved scope document. They use constant iterative design to refine the requirements in practice throughout the project. You may have worked on a non-Agile […]