Cloud is fast becoming an IT “religion”, with many thought leaders and designers claiming that cloud is their best choice. There are thousands of potential providers in tens of thousands locations, creating trillions of combinations in the global market.

Every day, the market changes. Performance changes. Pricing changes. Services can change. Are you willing to risk your career for your next decision? Are you comfortable with data that took months or weeks to obtain? Do you prefer to work with a few local providers rather than examining the many available? Do you feel comfortable using old data, knowing that the market changes frequently during your current process?

We teach people how navigate the market chaos. Learn how to design cloud and hybrid infrastructure solutions accurately in real-time using live technical, economic, and strategic data. This is done through a CAD-like modeling and design platform.
This class is designed to appeal to students who are interested and able to understand the financial, strategic, and design aspects of cloud computing.
We will cover five concepts that are essential to understanding how cloud can be thought, talked and strategized about. We also show how to apply these concepts in practical use cases. Finally, we will discuss how to use Burstorm’s CAD application to get real-time accurate data to assist in designing infrastructure solutions that optimize for price and performance.
Who Should Attend
This course is for anyone who needs to make decisions about cloud computing. The framework provides a common language that allows you to discuss complex topics in the contexts of economics and technology. This could include roles such as IT executives, IT architects, and operational ones.

Course Objectives
IT leaders are responsible for optimizing and consolidating legacy infrastructure and data centers, as well as strategically expanding cloud services. This course will help you identify, prioritize, and prioritize improvement opportunities while making faster data-driven choices about whether to use an in-house, hybrid, or cloud approach. By doing so, you can reduce risk and time.
Instructor Bio
Scott Goesling, VP Cloud Services and Solutions
Scott leads Burstorm’s Cloud Solution Services working internationally with Enterprise clients, Service Providers, Consultants, Service Integrators and IT Infrastructure Architects/Designers. Scott previously worked with technology executives and business leaders to develop and implement cloud solutions in the UK, Asia and Europe. Scott was most recently the Director of Cloud and Hosting Engineering for CenturyLink/Savvis, where he managed the integration and enablement efforts after Savvis acquired the company. He also led over 740 Cloud and Hosting Engineers worldwide. Scott has been involved in almost every aspect of the managed service, data center, and hosting industries for 17 years. Scott has lived and worked internationally, working with many global companies to design, build, and retrofit datacenters around the world. Scott was part of several successful start ups, including one that acquired a market leader in network hardware for more than $8 billion. Scott’s perspectives include his experiences as an end user, thought leader in cloud solutions, infrastructure architecture, and as a leader in multiple global colocation and cloud service providers. Scott holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree from the University of Missouri.