Cloudera, a United States-based software firm, provides Apache Hadoop-based software and support services to businesses customers.
Cloudera certifications aren’t the first to come to mind when we talk about certifications. It’s a huge mistake. Cloudera Certification is a dream come true for many Hadoop administrators and developers, but it’s not easy.
Cloudera Certifications: Why choose them?
According to Tom’s IT Pro website, Cloudera was listed among the top Big Data certification providers, and Hadoop was listed as one the top four Big Data platforms currently in use. Cloudera certifications are a great choice because they validate true specialists who have proven their ability to perform at the highest level on both traditional exams as well as hands-on challenges using live data sets.
Today we will be discussing two important Cloudera certifications – Cloudera certified administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH), and CCA administrator. It is important to note that CCA Administrator has replaced the CCAH certificate.
Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop certification (CCAH), proves that you have demonstrated technical knowledge, skills and the ability to configure, maintain, secure, and deploy an Apache Hadoop cluster.
Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop exam (CCA-500), is part of the CCAH certification. It takes approximately an hour and a quarter to complete with 60 questions. This exam is available in English and Japanese.
This exam will not be available for purchase after April 30, 2017.
May 31, 2017 – The last exam session.
May 15, 2017 – Last day to schedule the exam.
All candidates can use their CCA 500 voucher for CCA131.
Candidates who purchased this exam prior to April 30, 2017, will find helpful information here. ExamCollection offers a free practice test that simulates the actual certification exam.
Let’s now move on to the current certification, which has been a worthy replacement of CCAH.
CCA Administrators are individuals who have demonstrated the core system and cluster administrator skills required by companies and organizations that use Cloudera in their enterprises.
CCA Administrator certification is also associated with the CCA131 exam.
CCA Administrator Exam (CCA131).
Number of Questions: 8-12 performance-based tasks (hands-on), on pre-configured Cloudera Enterprise cluster.
Each CCA question requires a solution for a specific scenario. Some tasks require configuration and service changes via Cloudera Manager. Others require basic knowledge of the Linux environment and command line Hadoop utilities.
Time Limit 120 minutes
Passing Score: 70%
Language: English
You can find the unique features of evaluation, score reporting and certificate here.
It is important to pay particular attention to the skills that are required. These are the skills:
Install – Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the installation process for Cloudera Manager.
Configure – Perform basic configuration and advanced configuration to administer a Hadoop cluster.
Manage – Maintain and modify the cluster to support the day-to-day operation of the enterprise.
Secure – Allow the appropriate services to be used and configure the cluster in accordance with security policy.
Test – Benchmark cluster operational metrics, test system configurations for operation and efficiency.
Troubleshooting – Demonstrate the ability to identify the root cause of a problem and optimize execution.
We are convinced that Cloudera is the only person who knows Apache Hadoop as well as you.