Are you looking for a way to pass your CCNA 200/301 exam? Are you planning to take the exam? If yes, but don’t know what to do or where to find the best information, and don’t have all the details about CCNA exam? Don’t worry, guys. We can help you with all your problems! All you need to do is to read the blog below and take one step towards a brighter future! !
Table of contents* What is CCNA and what are the prerequisites?* * How do you register for the CCNA examination?* How do you prepare for it?* Conclusion
What is CCNA?
CCNA stands to be Cisco certified network associate. It is offered by Cisco. Cisco provides this certificate.
What are the CCNA prerequisites for entry?
Like many other certificates, there are no prerequisites for the exam. They recommend that you have basic knowledge of IP addressing and a solid understanding of network fundamentals.
How many CCNA exams can you take?
Only one exam is required, CCNA 200-301. You will receive your CCNA certificate if you pass this exam.
How much does the CCNA exam run?
The exam costs only three hundred dollars
How long is the exam and how many questions are there?
The exam lasts 120 minutes. That’s two hours. You can go back and review the questions. This allows you to skip questions you don’t understand and can return to them later. However, you cannot do this with the Cisco exam. You can’t go back to a question once you have passed it, but it is possible to do it again.
What is the question format?
The majority of questions you’ll get will be multiple-choice questions or drag and drop questions. Many questions will be running a command. They will ask you a question and give you the options. Sometimes they will give you one answer and sometimes multiple answers.
What is the passing score?
Each person will receive a passing score from Cisco, but it will range from 800 to 850. It won’t be higher than 800 and it won’t be lower than 850. It is important to mention how you will know the required score to pass your exam.
Is the CCNA certificate valid for a year?
Unfortunately, it expires. It can be renewed every 3 years.
Is the CCNA worthwhile?
Yes, this certificate is definitely worth the investment for many reasons.
Networking is everywhere, so a solid foundation in networking is essential for a successful career as a formation technology professional or in any other field.
This certificate will show your employer that you are a good networker. You have the skills. You are able to troubleshoot problems and work as a network engineer.
What would you expect to pay for your CCNA ce?