Many businesses are struggling to keep up with rapid technological change and the onset digital transformation. A qualified workforce that is properly trained, retrained and certified is essential for reaching business goals in digital environments using evolving technologies. Your competitiveness will be affected if you hire only academically talented, highly skilled, and experienced talent, without adequate focus on “Upskilling, Learning, and Development”.
Up to 40% of American employees leave their jobs within the first 12 months. Around 20% leave within six weeks after receiving less than satisfactory training. Engagement and employee satisfaction can be improved by paying attention to the technical skills and certification requirements of your team members. It allows for optimal utilization of existing human resources, secures the desired returns from new technology investments, and helps to effectively address business-critical goals.
Professionals can execute complex tasks confidently with the right training and accreditations. Core IT professionals are typically 20% more productive. Nearly 56% consider training and development essential for business growth. More than 83% of executives recognize the importance of transforming learning.
It’s difficult to find a more trusted or sought-after vendor when it comes to IT certifications and training. It has been proven repeatedly that Microsoft-trained, certified professionals perform 26% more than their uncertified counterparts with similar responsibilities. Certified developers are also 90% more productive.
Why Choose Authorized Learning Partners for Microsoft Courses
The performance-enhancing benefits of continuous skill improvement are beyond any doubt. It is important to select training providers that have proven capabilities in designing, customizing and executing learning plans, as well as industry-standard approaches. This is where NetCom Learning and its authorized learning partners come in!
Benefits of Training with Microsoft Learning Partners: End-to-end Microsoft Training Courses. Quality of Content & Delivery
1] Customized and End to End Training: Microsoft-authorized learning partners adopt consultative approaches and share a variety capabilities for simplifying, building and executing training initiatives. They will identify the learning needs of your team, align curriculum, deliver materials, coordinate activities, and focus their services on evaluating learning outcomes.
2] Flexibility and speed: Microsoft-approved training providers are able to quickly adapt learning programs for your business needs, create on-target learning initiatives and bring supporting resources. They can also restructure deliverables to fit business constraints. They can deploy programs wherever you need them, regardless of where they are located. This allows for learning solutions that span multiple time zones.
3] Accurate, Quality Content & Delivery: The most current Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC), is based on the inputs of experienced product engineers and consultants. Authorized Learning Partners can help you customize courses to make them more relevant for your employees. Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), who have years of technical expertise and hands-on experience, deliver the training.
4] Value-added services: Microsoft learning partners may offer innovative tools and approaches to meet your team’s learning needs. They can include self-paced and classroom training, role based courses, customized content and new delivery models. They also offer hands-on labs, mentoring and discussion groups. Assessments are possible before, during and after training.
According to the Worldwide DX Executive Survey by IDC, “The past year saw 70%+ organizations struggle to convert business requirements into significant IT investments or operational plans during their digital transform efforts.”
Businesses moving towards digital transformations face major challenges in finding the right skills within their own workforce. 93% of decision-makers agree that highly-trained and certified employees add tremendous value. The solution is to regularly upskill and reskill your employees. Microsoft courses and industry-recognized certificates from authorized learning partners increase knowledge retention and accelerate your strategic workforce-training initiatives.
NetCom L offers measurable results-oriented training