Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals (DP900) is one of the prerequisites to becoming a Microsoft Data Analyst. This exam will help you get the job of Data Analyst. It will also open up many doors to your career. You will be responsible for helping businesses maximize the value their data assets using Microsoft Power BI. Data analysts are subject matter experts and are responsible for creating and maintaining scalable data models, cleaning up and transforming data, as well as enabling advanced analytics capabilities that provide meaningful business value through simple-to-understand data visualizations.
Who is a Microsoft Azure Data analyst?
Microsoft Azure Data Analyst is required to perform various tasks. This includes:
Data analysts are responsible for analyzing data sets to answer questions or solve problems. They can work in finance, government, science, and business.
They are also able to manage databases and data systems, organize data in a comprehensible manner, and analyze the data to determine its quality or meaning.
Data analysts work closely with programmers, engineers, managers to identify process improvement opportunities, suggest system changes, or develop data governance plans.
They also use statistical methods to analyze large data sets and find patterns and trends that can be used for diagnosis and prediction.
Talking about Market Value
The average annual salary for a Microsoft Data Analyst in India is Rs9,782,218 Salary ranges for Microsoft Data Analysts from Rs631,252 up to Rs15,621,957 per annum.
The question is, however, how do you get in to the job? The next section will provide the answer. Let’s find the answer!
Steps to become a Microsoft Azure Data Analyst
We have created a step by step guide to help you understand the exam, and give you tips on how to pass it. Let’s begin!
1. Understanding Microsoft DP-900 Exam
The Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam (DP-900), is for people with basic knowledge of core concepts and an understanding of how to implement data using Microsoft Azure services. The exam is designed for people who are just starting to work with cloud data.
This knowledge area will validate your skills and knowledge.
First, the concepts of relational or non-relational data
Second, there are different types of data workloads like transactional and analytical.
Next, you will need to work with relational and non-relational Azure data
Finally, Azure offers analytics workloads.
Azure Data Fundamentals can be used to prepare for other Azure role based certifications such as
Azure Database Administrator Associate
Azure Data Engineer Associate
Exam Format: DP-900
The Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Exam (DP-900), has 40-60 questions. The exam will have scenario-based single-answer and multiple-choice questions. You’ll also find drag & drop questions and mark review, drag and drop type questions. To pass the exam, applicants must score 700 or higher. The Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Exam (DP-900), costs $99 USD. It is available in English, Japanese (Simplified), Korean (French), German, Spanish (Brazil), Russian (Indonesia), Arabic, Saudi Arabia, Chinese (Traditional), Italian.
2. Use the DP-900 exam book
To ensure you are prepared for the exam, it is important that you study the DP-900 exam topics. Start by creating a list of topics that you are interested in, along with the elements within each section. Next, find the best study resources for each segment. Prioritize the most difficult areas. These are the topics:
*> Describe core data c