Microsoft has seen a significant increase in market share by offering certification exams. This is true for both individuals and businesses. Microsoft has made professional and user lives easier with every innovation it has made, including cloud technology and exam upgrades. This position is a functional consultant.
To become a Microsoft Certified Azure Functional consultant, you must pass certain exams. This blog will help you understand the path to becoming a functional consultant. So, let’s begin!
Steps to becoming an Azure Functional Consultant
As an Azure Functional Consultant, you will need to work closely with customers and project managers. The selected candidate will create, edit, format and format documents according the brand standards, style, and specifications. A Microsoft Functional Consultants is proficient in using Microsoft Power Platform components to expand and modify Microsoft apps and services like Teams, Dynamics 365 and Excel.
The highest annual income for an Azure consultant in India is Rs. 12,65,837. The lowest annual salary for an Azure Consultant in India is Rs. 8,68,115.
Microsoft offers the Power Platform Solution Architect Expert certification to help you earn the position of functional consultant. This certification will allow you to easily become a functional consultant at a top company. However, this certification can be quite difficult to earn. Let’s take a step-by-step approach to understanding the path.
1. Earning the Microsoft Power Platform Solutions Architect Expert Certification
As part of the Power Platform Solution Architect Expert certification, you will connect with stakeholders and work on solutions that meet your organization’s diverse business and technical needs. You must also have a functional understanding of the Power Platform, Dynamics 365 customer interaction apps, applicable Microsoft cloud services, and third-party technology. This certification requires a minimum of 1 to 3 years experience as a Power Platform solution architecture or 7 to 10 years experience as a senior consultant/developer, as well as a deep understanding of Power Platform architecture.
This certification will allow you to dream of a job as a Functional Consultant. Before you can take the PL-600 exam, you must pass the prerequisite exams.
You must first pass the prerequisite exams to earn this certification.
Step 1: Passing Prerequisite Exam
You must pass both the Power Platform Solution Architect and the Architect exams to be eligible for the exam. These include:
Exam PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Advisor
The Microsoft PL-200 exam tests your ability to conduct discovery, gather requirements and engage stakeholders, translate requirements, and set up Microsoft Power Platform solutions and applications. They are also able to design custom user experiences, system interfaces, data conversions and custom process automation. Candidates should also be able to perform these tasks:
First, apply the design provided by a solution architects, as well the standards, branding and artifacts created by User Experience Designers in partnership with them.
Second, create integrations that allow third-party apps or services to work seamlessly together.
Third, working with quality assurance staff to ensure solutions meet both functional and non-functional criteria.
Then, identify, develop, and distribute artifacts for packaging and deployment.
Finally, Microsoft P