There are many options available within one product to help you find the right training for you. These are the most frequently asked questions when choosing the right course.
Part 1 vs. Part 2 vs. Part 3: Do you need to take the classes in the order they are listed?
Tips for choosing a level: Compare each outline to see what will be covered under “Course Outline.” “Determine your knowledge of the product/subject. How many years have you been working on the product/subject? Are you a frequent user of the application/product? Are you looking for a certification? If so, we always recommend taking the courses in order so you can receive complete information and properly prepare for your exam.Starting at Part 1: If you’re brand new to the application/subject/product or no previous formal training. Part 1 will teach you the basics of layouts and formatting. If you cannot work purely off of hotkeys or short cuts then you will learn a lot in Part 1.Starting at Part 2: Start here if you have some experience, previous training on the application/subject/product or knowledge of the basics and can navigate around product/application.Alternatively, you can work purely off of hotkeys or short cuts.Starting at Part 3: Start here if you’rean expert on the application/product/subject but need formalized training. Have worked on the application/product/service for many years. You have worked on the application/product/service for many years.
Tips for choosing a version: Look at the version you are currently using. If you open a new Microsoft Word file, does it say 2016 2013, 2010, or 2010? Are you or your company looking to upgrade to a newer version within 6-12 months? If so, you should attend the version that you will be upgrading. This will ensure that you have the most current information and do not need to retake any training. For application courses (Microsoft products and Adobe products), ourcourses can be “backwards compatible,” which means that the content is identical between 2016 and 2013, with the latest information. We recommend the latest version if you are going to upgrade but aren’t sure if you will. Although the interface may look different, the content is the exact same. Version upgrades for technical courses will have significant effects on the content. Contact us to speak with a Subject Matter Expert. This lifecycle is valid for 10 years starting with the product’s release. The product’s end-of-service is the end of the product’s lifecycle. Office 2010 will be ending its service on October 13, 2020. We recommend that you upgrade your Office installation ASAP. Learn more about how it may affect you.
Everybody has their own learning style. New Horizons creates training solutions that fit the needs of many people. Take a look at all our learning methods and click the links to find the one that suits you best.
OnLine LIVE(r) is our most popular learning method as you can participate in live instructor led courses from the comfort of your home or work office.Instructor-Led Training is the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach and gives beginners the energy and feedback of an in-person classroom setting.Hosted Distance Learning is perfect for people who want the schedule of OnlineLIVE(r) and need the environment of a New Horizons learning center to study with other students.NHAnytime eLearning has evolved to provide you with the accessibility, support and content you need to study on your own time using the same core course content as our world-renowned courses.NH60 is the ultimate build your own training solution. You will learn everything you need in 60 minutes. You will learn everything you need in 60 minutes.