Cloudera is one of the most prominent vendors of Big Data Certifications in recent times. Cloudera Certification has a tremendous value. CCA Data Analyst (CCA159), exam is a popular choice for candidates interested in pursuing a career in Big Data. CCA stands for Cloudera Certified Associate and is the latest addition to the Cloudera developer program. Cloudera also offers integration, security, system management and management. Cloudera certifications are very popular all over the world.
Stay with us to learn more. This article contains all the information about CCA 159 Exam.
Who are big data analysts?
Big Data is essential for industries that want to gain valuable insights and advance in their industry. Every company, large or small, is trying to become a software company. A recent survey found that 90% of all big data was created within the last two years. Every industry has a lot of data but doesn’t know what to do. They need professionals who can quickly make sense of all this data. These professionals are called Big Data Analysts.
Data analysts are important
Big Data Analytics helps all industries to categorize their data into various lots and further use it for new opportunities. This allows for smarter and more efficient business decisions. This also results in high profits and happy customers. The main goal of all analytics and Big Data categorizing is to improve decision making across a broad range of activities.
Why should you choose the CCA159 exam
CCA 159 exam has become very popular due to the large amount of data and high demand for certified Data Analysts. There are many reasons to pass the CCA159 exam.
First, the high demand for Analytics Professionals.
There are many job opportunities and candidates easily meet the skill gap.
The CCA Data Analyst salary range is also high.
Big Data Analytics is also a top priority for many Organizations.
Additionally, Big Data Analytics adoption is on the rise.
Analytics is also a key factor in decision making
Finally, Big Data Analytics can be used everywhere
After passing the CCA159 Exam, what are the job titles?
CCA 159 exam will allow you to see the world from a professional perspective. Analytics is used in many different fields. There are many job titles that you can choose from. These job titles include:
First, Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
Secondly, Big Data Analytics Architect
Then, Big Data Engineer
Big Data Solution Architect
Big Data Analyst
Analytics Associate
Consulting in Business Intelligence and Analytics
Specialist in Analytics and Metrics
Overview Exam: CCA159
CCA Data Analyst (CCA159), is a hands-on practical exam that uses Cloudera Technologies. Each candidate receives a CDH5 (currently 5.10.1), pre-loaded with Spark and Impala, Crunch. Hive, Pig. Sqoop. Kafka. Flume. Kite. Hue. Oozie. DataFu and many others. The cluster also includes Python 2.7 and 3.3.4, Perl 5.16 and Cascading 2.6, Brickhouse, Hive Swarm and Scala 2.11, Scalding. Also, IDEA, Sublime and Eclipse are included.
This certification is best for developers, data analysts, SQL developers, and database administrators. All candidates who apply for Cloudera Certified Analyst exam must be able to pull and create reports in Cloudera’s CDH environment using Impala and Hive. The credential is awarded after passing the CCA Data Analyst Exam (CCA159).
CCA 159 also includes 8-12 performance based questionsio