CiscoWITSHOOT 300-371Exam is essential for IT professionals. WITSHOOT) exam. CCNP Wireless Professionals are in high demand at the top IT companies.
CCNP Wireless 300 370 WITSHOOT exam is designed to test your knowledge in optimizing Enterprise wireless infrastructure and related services. You will also gain hands-on experience with the tools and methods needed to resolve connectivity, performance, and other RF issues for clients.
Let’s now quickly look at the structure of Cisco Certification Levels.
The image shows the Cisco certification hierarchy at different levels. We will also take a look at the table listing certifications available at each level.
300-370 WITSHOOT Exam Overview
The table shows that CCNP Wireless Exam a professional-level exam. The 300-370 WITSHOOT exam targets professionals with good knowledge and skills in troubleshooting the enterprise wireless infrastructure. You will also need to have hands-on experience with the related tools needed for identifying and solving client connectivity.
The best part is that 300-370 WITSHOOT, a professional certification exam, will help you to get good recognition within your company. This certification will give you a professional title and open up new career opportunities.
Exam Details
The CCNP Wireless 300 -370 WITSHOOT Exam contains approximately 55-65 questions and must be completed in less than 90 minutes. The exam will also help you improve your skills in operating, designing, and implementing Cisco Wireless Networks.
The 300-370 WITSHOOT Exam, which is an objective type exam, has multiple choice, multiple answer, fill in the gaps, and simulation questions. The certification is valid for 3 years after you pass the exam.
Exam structure for CCNA Wireless (300 -370 WITSHOOT).
Once you have an understanding of the exam details and the overall exam objective, we can discuss the course structure in detail.
The first topic is Troubleshooting Methodology. It covers almost 10% of the topics.
The second topic is Troubleshoot AP Joining Issues. This section includes 15% exam questions.
The third topic is about Troubleshoot Client Connection Issues. There are approximately 20% questions in this exam.
The fourth topic is about identifying and Locating Radio Interference. Nearly 13% of exam questions are on this topic.
The fifth topic is Troubleshoot Client Performance Issues. There are approximately 17% questions in this exam.
The sixth topic is about identifying Common Wired Infrastructure Issues. It is based on the Output from Common Troubleshooting Tool with approximately 15% exam questions.
The final topic, Troubleshoot WLC and AP High Availability issues, is the last. There are nearly 10% questions in this exam.
Each topic will be further explained to improve your understanding.
Trouble Shooting Methodology is first topic that receives 10% weight in the exam. This section consists of applying the appropriate troubleshooting techniques to identify issues. This includes using the appropriate tools to help you locate the issue.
TroubleshootAP Joining Problems
The second topic is about troubleshooting AP Joining issues. This will provide details about resolving problems. This topic is 15% of the exam questions. This module focuses on the resolution of issues related to controller discoveries, DTLS session establishment issues, and AP joining issues.
TroubleshootClient Connection Issues
The third topic, which has nearly 20% coverage, is about troubleshooting client connectivity issues. It holds the highest weightage in exam. The module covers identifying and resolving authentication problems as well as RF signal issues. It also resolves configuration supplicant issues.