CCIE stands to be Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts. It is the IT jargon that is accepted worldwide. These experts are known as “jargons” in the IT domain, because they are certified Internetwork experts. They are well-known for their brand and are also known for receiving financial and non-financial benefits such as attractive remuneration, decent designations, employee’s schemes, etc.
They can choose to be certified engineers and join a select group of technocrats who are the best. In order to keep up with the ever-growing IT industry, ITES and telecom are always looking for such IT jargons.
CCIE Security
The demand for CCIE Security has increased dramatically. It is now one of the most sought-after IT Networking Certifications. This track is also the most prestigious under CCIE certification. It can allow you to earn high-salary and top designations in renowned technocrats such as HCL, AT&T Orange, Dimension Data, HCL, Orange, and so forth.
Certified engineers are viewed as hostile, which gives recognition not only nationally but also internationally. Security is the priority in today’s industry.

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How to prepare for the CCIE Security Lab Exam
It is essential to have hands-on experience and the right training if you want to pass the CCIE Security Lab Exam. It is important to remember that you cannot have everything. It may take many years of preparation, including reading concepts and labs. Even though this is a written exam, you will need to complete labs. Because lobbing allows you to solve the concepts. Don’t worry, though. Lab everything as if you were preparing for the lab exam. These are some valuable tips to help you prepare for the exam.
Time is a requirement
You must spend at least 2 hours each day, depending on your daily schedule. Monday through Friday. On weekends, it is a good idea to allow for 4 to 6 hours. on Saturday and Sunday.
RFCs are a great resource for Reefer because they cover many aspects related to computer networking such as protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts. They include meeting notes, opinions, as well as detailed information about technologies.
Join a reputable institution
Another important step in preparing for the CCIE Security Lab exam is to join a reputable institute. It is an evergreen certification that has been in high demand for many years.
The CCIE Security training program at institutes can help you become a network security expert and pass the CCIE Security Lab exam in your first attempt. The institute uses a proven teaching method that will help students build a solid career in Network Security. They are certified and working professionals who can teach students.
Cisco User Guides:
Cisco User Guides are one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. It is better to use Cisco and Juniper documentation, as it is well-organized.

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Cisco Press Books:
The Cisco press book has been found to be a great resource. It publishes many books by well-respected experts in the field. These books are some of the most useful Cisco Press books:
IPv6 Security
Cisco ISE for BYOD & Secure Unified Access – Second Edition
Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)
AAA Identity Management Security
End-to-End Network Security Defense in-Depth
TCP IP Illustrated Volume 1
Cisco communities and forums:
You can discuss various implementations and configurations in the Cisco Forums. You can also learn how things work from the perspective of protocols and technologies. Here are some examples.