MapR Technologies Inc. announced today that Apache Hadoop distribution is now available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This adds another Big Data option to Amazon cloud customers.
MapR is often referred to as one of the “big 3” commercial Hadoop distributors. It also includes Cloudera Inc., Hortonworks Inc., and Cloudera Inc.
Steve Wooledge, MapR’s chief executive, stated today that “Deploying MapR via AWS Marketplace gives customers an easy onramp to high performance, enterprise-grade Hadoop within the AWS Cloud.” “We have a strong relationship with AWS thanks to MapR on EMR. Now, customers can purchase our products on AWS Marketplace. This will allow them to run real-time Hadoop apps in the AWS Cloud and make an impact on their business.”
MapR stated that it worked closely with AWS in order to create Amazon Machine Images with an hourly usage plan. The AMIs come pre-loaded with MapR software and an operating system. MapR editions can be enhanced with Apache Spark support to create batch, interactive, and streaming applications quickly. The company stated that MapR uses AWS CloudFormation templates in order to create reliable Hadoop clusters that are suitable for long-running workloads.
The Hadoop distributor stated that AWS customers can benefit from MapR features like mirroring and MapRDB table replication.
AWS executive Dave McCann stated that customers now have the ability to purchase and deploy MapR Distribution products from AWS Marketplace. “The rapidly growing customer base that purchases and deploys third-party software through AWS Marketplace can now take advantage of more Big Data deployment options and AWS’ global reliability, speed of innovation, and global scale.”