McAfee has launched a new product that is specifically designed to protect workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS).
McAfee’s Virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP) was demonstrated by the company at Monday’s AWS Summit in New York City. It aims to protect organizations’ AWS assets at the workload level.
McAfee says this is a departure form the approach taken many of its competitors, which tend to concentrate primarily on blanket protection of the entire network. McAfee believes that a more workload-based security strategy is more effective in protecting organizations against “thelateral movement of threats,” as Vice Presidential Shishir Singh stated it in a prepared statement.
In other words, malware can infect any server that has the ability to communicate with another server.
McAfee claims that the vNSP product’s workload-level focus, unlike other solutions, is better equipped to detect security vulnerabilities. This server-to-server route “eliminates a single point failure for an entire segment of the network segment and efficiently uses security resources only where needed.”
The company also noted that security attacks of this nature are often considered to be the customer’s responsibility under the “shared responsibility” model used by many cloud vendors.
Singh stated that although AWS covers a lot, such as cloud security, users are still responsible to secure their cloud environment, including their operating systems, applications, and data traffic. While firewall configurations are important, security professionals and cloud architects must address exploit prevention, malware protection, and gain visibility into the potential lateral movement and threats.
This datasheet contains more information about McAfee’s AWS vNSP solution. McAfee also offers a 72-hour free trial of its solution. Interested organizations can sign up by clicking here.