You can now take the next step towards becoming a CCNA provider by taking a new SPOTO course, Cisco CCNA 640-878 SPNGN2.
Jeremy Cioara, a trainer, focuses on service provider networks during the 27-video course. Topics include VLANs and OSPF configuration, label shifting, and many more. It is recommended that you first watch Jeremy’s “Cisco CCNA 640-875 SPGN1” course before viewing this course.
This course prepares learners for the 640-878 exam. This exam is required to earn CCNA Service Provider certification.
Here’s the course listing video:
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IP NGN: Service Provider Architecture
IP NGN: The Core Protocols for the Service Provider
IP NGN: The Service Provider Router Dream Machines
VLAN: What is VLAN?
VLAN: Layer 2 Configuration
VLAN: Layer 3 Configuration- Router on a stick
VLAN: Layer 3 Configuration-L3 Switching
Spanning Tree Revisited – STP
STP: Configuring RSTP or MSTP
Metro Ethernet: The ME 3400 Switch is now available
Metro Ethernet: Understanding Cisco REP and Configuring Cisco REP
Metro Ethernet: Understanding 802.1ad and Configuring It (QinQ).
OSPF: Welcome To The World’s Most Popular Routing Protocol
OSPF: Basic OSPF Configuration
IS-IS: The Routing Protocol That You Never Knew
Configuration IS-IS
BGP: Core Routing Protocol Concepts
BGP The Simple Metric
BGP: Basic BGP Configuration
FHRP: Understanding VRRP, HSRP, and the GLBP
Services: MPLS Technology Overview & Core Concepts
Services: Understanding Access Control Lists
Services: Configuring Standard Access Lists
Services: Configuring extended access lists
Services on the Road to IPv6
IOS Maintenance: Handling IOS XR Software
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