This intermediate training video, 48 videos, by SPOTO trainer Lalo Nunez, covers the knowledge network administrators must have to manage and configure Cisco’s IOSXE operating system, and provide media resources to enterprise users.
This is the new Cisco training.
Cisco offers the most flexible and reliable systems to keep collaboration flowing when it comes to delivering media resources enterprise wired or wireless network users. Cisco’s IOS XE operating platform is the best choice for connecting users, securing networks, and automating tasks. Cisco IOS XE Gateway & Media Resources training is essential to ensure that media traffic flows smoothly through a Cisco network. This specialized training prepares network administrators to configure Cisco IOS XE gateways and provide media resource with Cisco IOS XE.
This six-part series covers topics like handling connection establishment, management, termination of digital voice stream channel channels, coordination session management through a Media Gateway controller, and ensuring efficient signaling.
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This series includes the following skills:
Cisco Collaboration: Voice Gateway for DTMF and Codecs
Cisco Collaboration: Cisco Dial Peers
Cisco Collaboration: Configure Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)
Cisco Collaboration: Voice Translation Rules & Profiles
Cisco Collaboration: Configure Media Resources
Cisco Collaboration: Configure/Troubleshoot Voice Gateways

This training covers the following topics:
VoIP Dial Peers and POTS
CUBE Media Flow
Intro: Configure Media Resources
Configure the H.323 Gateway
Voice Translation Profiles Demo Part 1

This training includes:
Training for 6 hours
48 videos

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