Meta Taps AWS for AI & Third-Party Collaborations

Meta, the parent company to Facebook, announced this week that it will expand its use Amazon Web Services (AWS), to provide privacy and reliability, as well as scale in the cloud. The terms of the agreement will allow Meta to expand its use of AWS storage, compute, databases, and security services to scale research, development, and facilitate third-party collaborations. It will also drive operational efficiency. Meta will support acquisitions of companies already powered by AWS through third-party collaborations. It will also make use of AWS’s compute services in order to accelerate its artificial intelligence (AI), research and development for its […]

Mesosphere Launches Datacenter OS Beta for AWS

Mesosphere Inc. will make its Datacenter Operating System, (DCOS), available on the cloud as a public beta program. Mesosphere is a container-focused cluster management tool that uses a distributed systems kernel, based on the Apache Mesos project. It allows you to run containerized workloads on Linux at scale. It abstracts various datacenter services like memory, storage, and other compute resources and presents them as one pool that can be programmed against. According to the company, it aims to use the hyperscale technology used by Web giants like Twitter, eBay, and Netflix to help organizations of all sizes. The company stated […]

McAfee Launches Platform to Secure AWS Workloads

McAfee has launched a new product that is specifically designed to protect workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS). McAfee’s Virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP) was demonstrated by the company at Monday’s AWS Summit in New York City. It aims to protect organizations’ AWS assets at the workload level. McAfee says this is a departure form the approach taken many of its competitors, which tend to concentrate primarily on blanket protection of the entire network. McAfee believes that a more workload-based security strategy is more effective in protecting organizations against “thelateral movement of threats,” as Vice Presidential Shishir Singh stated it […]

What you need to know about Marriott and Quora breaches

It seems that hacking and breaches are the season. It seems hackers are determined to hack systems and steal the personal information of innocent users. Quora reported its breach on December 7, 2018 and Marriott reported its breach on November 30, 2018. Marriott data breach: Here’s what we know about the Marriott data breach. Starwood’s guest reservation database was affected by a security incident Starwood brands include W Hotels, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts and Westin Hotels & Resorts. Element Hotels, Aloft Hotels and The Luxury Collection. Four Points by Sheraton, Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts are also included. Starwood […]

MapR Adds Hadoop Distro to AWS

MapR Technologies Inc. announced today that Apache Hadoop distribution is now available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This adds another Big Data option to Amazon cloud customers. MapR is often referred to as one of the “big 3” commercial Hadoop distributors. It also includes Cloudera Inc., Hortonworks Inc., and Cloudera Inc. Steve Wooledge, MapR’s chief executive, stated today that “Deploying MapR via AWS Marketplace gives customers an easy onramp to high performance, enterprise-grade Hadoop within the AWS Cloud.” “We have a strong relationship with AWS thanks to MapR on EMR. Now, customers can purchase our products on AWS Marketplace. […]

Career Opportunities in Data Science and AWS

The increasing dependence of people on technology has led to more career opportunities in the IT industry. In the past, there were few career options. But today, data supports all the new technologies. Data has been like a golden geese lately, from social media to IoT devices. Data is a key ingredient in organizations’ growth. But is data enough for a business to grow? It is crucial to understand how data can be used to gain valuable insights. Data Science is the key to this. Data Science is the use of data to predict and solve problems. Cloud Computing is […]

After obtaining CEH certification, there are many career opportunities

The EC-Council hosts the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), certification that validates candidates’ ability to identify and exploit vulnerabilities to prevent cyber-attacks. The CEH certification covers all the latest methods and tools to attack modern security infrastructures. It serves as a foundation course for advanced certification programs. Many well-respected organizations use CEH certification to recruit cybersecurity professionals. This article discusses the career options and options available to you after obtaining CEH certifications. There are many career options after obtaining the CEH certificate. Some of these job roles require additional certifications or higher qualifications in addition to the CEH certification. Ethical hackerA […]

Azure Certifications offer career benefits

Introduction Cloud computing has changed the way businesses work in today’s digital world. Cloud computing has been a boon for businesses in all industries, from providing massive data storage to analytics to security and AI, as well as enabling them to access their data at scale. Cloud computing is transforming businesses across all industries. This is why many businesses are moving to the cloud and need professionals who can help them. This has opened up new opportunities in the sector. This rapid transformation has created a significant skill gap. Professional certifications are a great way to acquire the skills and […]

AWS Certifications offer career benefits

Introduction The cloud is the future IT. It has shown the most impressive technical growth. Cloud computing is becoming more popular in many industries, which has led to a greater demand for cloud technology specialists. A badge in the domain is one of the best ways to show your competence. AWS certifications are widely respected as the industry leader in cloud computing since their inception. AWS certifications are very popular and widely regarded as a starting point for the cloud industry. Before you start, it is important to know one thing. “Why” is the most important question that really matters. […]

Capital One Open Sources AWS Resource Management Tool

Capital One Services, LLC is more known for its financial services than for cloud development tools. However, Capital One Services, LLC has open-sourced its Cloud Custodian tool to manage AWS cloud computing and storage resources. The project’s GitHub page states that Cloud Custodian “is a rules engine to manage AWS resources.” It allows users to create policies that will be enforced to ensure a well-managed cloud. This includes metrics and structured outputs. It consolidates many of organizations’ ad-hoc scripts into a lightweight, flexible tool. The multi-faceted tool is designed to help organizations enforce real time policies through built-in provisioning. It […]