How to prepare your team for Phishing Attacks with Coronavirus

Companies and employees are being forced to work remotely by the coronavirus pandemic. Scammers are looking to sell your data at a perfect time. Hackers are opportunistic, and they pay close attention to urgent and relevant topics. We see seasonal and targeted phishing trends such as: Social engineering is one of the most important reasons that hackers have the greatest opportunities to exploit large, global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. What is Social Engineering? This is a very common and effective method. When targeted individuals are tricked into giving their personal or confidential information for fraudulent purposes, this is known […]

CompTIA Certification can be transformative

CompTIA helped me launch my career in IT Guest Author: Brian Zibricky Vice President Marketing and ProductsNH Learning Solutions 1995 was my second year teaching High School English to “alternatives” students at an alternative high school. “Alternative” was a nice term for “troubled”, as these were kids who had been thrown out of their high schools and were now on a dangerous path that led to the streets and sometimes to jail. I loved my job, and more importantly, I loved helping kids whose only family was at school. However, at the end my second year, it became clear that […]

Comply To Connect – The Pentagon’s Defense Against Cyber Attacks

It is estimated that there will be 75 billion connected devices by 2025 in what is being called “Internet of Things”. With advancements in microprocessors and sensing devices, as well as software, almost anything that can connect will soon be possible. The Pentagon’s Defense Against Cyber Attacks Here’s what you need to remember: Seven years ago, DoD createdComply to Connect (C2C), as a way of protecting its growing network endpoints. The Internet is experiencing a rapid increase in the number of devices. The Internet connects everything with electronics and sensors. This includes your phone, computer and video game console. It […]

Collaboration Technologies for Productivity During Travel Restrictions

Many companies are already suffering from the inconvenience caused by COVID-19’s travel restrictions. You’ve probably seen it on television: cancellations of events, travel bans and more companies requiring employees to work from home until this pandemic is under control. Perhaps your company has already put in place travel restrictions. Do you have a communication plan in place for remote employees? Business Continuity Planning – Implementing the Right Tools to Your Work-from Strategy You need a company-wide work-from-home strategy. There are several resources available that can be used quickly to keep your team on the right track while you prepare for, […]

Cloud Security Issues are Well Behind Us, Or Are They?

Microsoft Azure is part of the 3 main components of the cloud computing XaaS family consisting of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Azure is both IaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Their overall business benefits are to help organizations “achieve their business outcomes”. Let’s take a look at one of the benefits of Azure – Security. SECURITY Clients lived for decades in an environment of on-premises storage and data. Clients later had to invest a lot of resources, upgrades, and training to ensure their data was secure. This seemed impossible. Cloud-computing was first introduced and the […]

Cloud Planning, Design, and Optimization with Burstorm

Cloud is fast becoming an IT “religion”, with many thought leaders and designers claiming that cloud is their best choice. There are thousands of potential providers in tens of thousands locations, creating trillions of combinations in the global market. Every day, the market changes. Performance changes. Pricing changes. Services can change. Are you willing to risk your career for your next decision? Are you comfortable with data that took months or weeks to obtain? Do you prefer to work with a few local providers rather than examining the many available? Do you feel comfortable using old data, knowing that the […]

Cloud Comparison: AWS Azure, Google Cloud, and Google Cloud

There are many factors to consider when choosing cloud providers. It can be overwhelming to look at the overall strategy and strengths of each provider if you feel overwhelmed. Are they in line with yours? In different areas, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud stand out. Let’s look at their greatest strengths and weaknesses. Amazon AWS Pros and Cons AWS Strengths AWS Weaknesses The most mature and enterprise-ready providerRequires advanced tech expertise to implementBroad range of services and partner networkLacks strong support for hybrid cloud environmentsRecommended for all use case scenarios that can run well in virtualized environments. […]

Cisco Umbrella and web filtering for remote workers

Web Filtering History Web filtering is a technology that can be used for all purposes and has been around for many years. Client machines would also require a public certificate from an internal private CA to access encrypted https/443 traffic. This could be used to filter correctly with man-in the-middle technology. Thus, most IT departments have moved to inline web content filters which should catch all traffic at the edge of the network and filter as needed.This would, in theory, catch everything including client computers, guest networks, servers, and ALL network traffic, but only traffic that could beseen depending on […]

Cisco Shuts down Hacker Operation Worth $30M a Year

Cisco has struck a big blow against the cybercriminalcommunity by shutting down one of the most notorious ransomware groups currently in operation. The investigation into the group, which is currently unknown, was led by the Talos security unit at Cisco Systems. Ransomware was used by hackers to demand ransom money from their victims. Ransomware is a malicious piece that encrypts your files and holds all your information hostage until you pay a fee. These hackers make a lot of money from scared users who don’t know better, even though they rarely remove all their malware. Hackers prey upon those who […]

Cisco Goes Deeper into the IoT With Jasper Purchase

It’s a great day to celebrate the Internet of Things. Cisco announced it will purchase Jasper Technologies, which is a company that helps enterprises connect their commodities to Internet. The IoT is about connecting devices that were previously thought to be off the Internet to the network. This allows them to communicate with one another and makes your life easier. Cisco isn’t the only company to show interest in IoT. The company is trying to expand its reach and grab some of the money generated from connected devices, despite a decline in sales for its network hardware division. Its Internet […]