Are you required to have PDUs in order to obtain the Certified Associate in Project Management certificate (CAPM(r))? Yes!
This article will explain what this means to CAPM certification holders. It also explains how you can keep your credential without taking the exam again.
Spoiler Alert: If you aren’t sure you need them, but still want to read on, I recommend this all-in package of PDUs for CAPM certificateholders.

What’s new with PDUs for CAPM
What has changed in the renewal requirements?
How many PDUs are you going to need for CAPM?
How are PDUs calculated
What type of PDUs are you looking for?
How to earn PDUs to renew CAPM
Next steps for CAPM Renewal

What’s new with PDUs for CAPM
To maintain their CAPM(r), certification holders must earn professional development units (PDUs), as of October 2020.
The exam was required to be taken every five years by CAPM holders. If you work in project delivery, you will have enough experience after five years. I don’t know how many people re-taked the CAPM exam.
It doesn’t really matter what it is. It’s no longer necessary to take the exam twice!
What has changed in the renewal requirements?
PDUs can be used to show that certification holders are continually improving their professional skills. This applies to all professional organizations, not just PMI. Many professional organizations require members to have designations and post-nominal letter in order to keep their knowledge current.
I believe the switch is a positive thing. It makes it easier to manage (for PMI and us) and shows that people are interested in project management. You can’t take the exam, then do nothing in project management for five years, and then take it again. This doesn’t prove to employers that you are committed and interested in the project management profession.
Let’s face it, the PDU requirements for CAPM is minimal, as we will soon see.
We will also show you how easy it is to earn PDUs.
How many PDUs are you going to need for CAPM?
You will need 15 PDUs for every 3 years.
There is a transition period. Your expiration date won’t change if you pass your exam before 30 September 2020. Your expiration date for your certificate remains the same. You have 15 PDUs to earn up to that point.
After that date, you’ll move on to the 3-year cycle.
To maintain your certificate, you will also need to pay the renewal fee. It’s not about continuing learning.
PDUs are calculated per hour. One PDU is equal to one hour of professional education. You can earn them in fractions as small as 0.25 of a PDU.
For CAPM holders that is equal to 15 hours continuous professional development over 3 years (or 5 if you took your exam before 30 September 2020).
You have plenty of time to earn your PDUs. It will be easy, I promise. If you have a tight deadline to recertify, I have an article that will show you how to quickly earn PDUs.
What type of PDUs are you looking for?
For CAPM certification renewal, you need:
Minimum of 9 Education PDUs, including two in each Talent Triangle: Leadership, Technical and Strategic and Business Management
A maximum of 6 Giving back PDUs are allowed, with a maximum 2 for professional work and 4 for volunteering or creating knowledge.

Education PDUs include both formal and informal learning opportunities.
Giving Back PDUs refer to time spent helping others learn or volunteering.
How to earn PDUs to renew CAPM
Let’s take a look at 15 PDUs you could earn for your CAPM renewal.
Option 1:
Earn:For doing:2Doing your job and working in project management7Taking part in a day-long training course on project management that is run internally by your company.3An hour of self-directed reading about leadership and business topics related project manage