Recommendations for IT Security Pros
I began to deliver many free online classes and started to receive many emails almost every day from people asking for my help.
This is a continuous process, as Cybercriminals, Cybersecurity industry, and Nation States are always one step ahead of anyone who wants to defend. It’s not an easy job being a defender.
You can also get certifications such as EC Council, SANS and ISC, Logical Operations, etc. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the news every day about what is happening around you. I have provided a few links to help you get started.
Below are my top web sites. Feel free to contact me and tell me about your top Web sites. Happy reading/learning
PS: I will continue to update the web sites. ( As much as I can)
MY TOP Security Sites:
– Microsoft Malware Protection Center
– Threatpost
The first stop for security news

– Comodo Blog

-Traffic Analyzer
-Journey to IR
-Secure List
Securelist – Kaspersky cyberthreat research and reports

-ReddIt NetSecr/netsec
Recommendations for IT Security Pros

We all know that information security is constantly changing. It is therefore vital to stay up to date with any new threat, breach or vulnerability that could pose a risk to your company.
There are many great security blogs, websites, and publications that can help you keep your organization safe.
These are some cybersecurity websites we think are better than the rest.