According to the old saying, “If you can’t beat them,” join them. This is what VMware believed when it partnered up with Amazon Web Services (AWS). After trying to do cloud computing themselves and failing, they decided to hire professionals. Let’s find out what this perfect match is all.
VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center is a way to bring virtualization concepts such as abstraction, pooling and automation to the level data centers. It allows for the implementation of these resources and services at a larger scale.
AWS has become a trusted and secure cloud platform that offers many functionalities to help businesses scale up and grow. This includes virtualized components such as compute power, data storage, content delivery, and more.
Combining SDDC and AWS, VMware & Amazon have achieved a ridiculous speed on the virtualization throttle. Users now have access to AWS features, including Redshift, Amazon’s data warehouse solution, and Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3).
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All the information you love about VMware will be at your fingertips, along with the powerful tools of AWS. The integration of technologies will bring many benefits to the user. Let’s take a look to see some of these benefits:
Virtualization offers all the reliability, security, availability, and availability that you love, but in a cloud.
There is no need to fix what isn’t broken. You can manage all VMware Cloud resources on AWS using vCenter services.
VMware supports this partnership and certifies it. This gives you peace of mind.
AWS services like storage, analytics, and database will allow your virtual machines to find better solutions with higher efficiency.
Combining cloud portability and virtualization reliability means that you can always use your computer.
Your environment will always be up-to-date

Why VMware Cloud on AWS Is Important for You
It’s a constantly changing world, but there’s no reason for you to be afraid. Virtualization is a great way to improve your DevOps skills and to explore new career opportunities.
You can become a VMware Cloud on AWS expert and get a job as a solution architect, service manager, or other positions that utilize the tools of both VMware Cloud and AWS.
IT systems and services can only be effective if they are properly aligned and positively impact the business. It’s a waste of time and money. No matter what your job title is, it’s important to have a solid understanding of VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware recently launched a certification program for Cloud Management and Automation. This will help you get on your way to success.
VMware Cloud on AWS is still in beta, but it is available for those who request it. Keep checking back for more information about this exciting development in virtualization.
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