Top Project Managers Share 10 Tips to Inspire Their Team

Words. They are so powerful, don’t you think? They can inspire or incinerate. Your words have a deeper impact on your team than you might realize. Top project managers know how to inspire their team members to achieve rewarding heights. They are able to move from mentor to manager by asking the right questions. These are the top ten questions project managers ask to empower their teams. 1) Can you help me solve it? Do you know the value of synergy and collaboration? It means that we can all do more together. Perhaps you have already decided how you want […]

10 TeamGantt Features That You Didn’t Probably Know Exist

Simplicity. Clean design. Easy to use. This is just a small sample of the feedback we receive when we ask people about their favorite aspects of TeamGantt. We are proud of our ability to focus on what our customers really need in a Gantt Chart. You’ll also find many TeamGantt features underneath that will help you save time, get more done, and keep track on your team’s progress. We’ve compiled a list of 10 features that you may not have known existed. These features can help you and your team improve your workflow. Feature #1: Baselines A baseline is a […]

10 Sales Tips to Win the Most Tough Customers

I walked into the white office to see my biggest client, who was glaring at me behind his intimidating mahogany desk. He was furious that my company had increased the price of his last purchase. Higher up in the ladder, he had decided to add an additional fee to increase profits. I had to do something about the frustration that was hitting me like waves, as I sat in my cubicle, feeling almost like a child under his stern eyes. Conflict will occur in every customer/business relationship. It’s unavoidable. It’s inevitable. If you see the positive side of each interaction, […]

10 Reasons Planning is Important in Project Management

You’ve probably experienced the difficulties of managing projects, such as missing deadlines, going over budget, or dealing with unhappy clients or team members. It’s not easy to let people down. We believe that having a plan is one of the most important things you can do as project managers–for your own peace-of-mind as well as for your team. Your best defense against common pitfalls that can lead to project failure is a plan. Let’s look at 10 benefits of project management planning. 1. Plans minimize stress Imagine building IKEA cabinets using only a photo of the final kitchen as a […]

10 Principles of Servant leadership (and Why It’s our Favorite Style)

“If your actions inspire others to dream more and learn more, do better and become more, you’re a leader.” – John Quincy AdamsWhen Nathan, my husband, and I founded TeamGantt we decided to break with tradition and try a new approach. We care more about being part the team and setting up people for success than making sure everyone knows who the boss is. This is why servant leadership has become our preferred style of leadership. Let’s take a closer view at servant leadership and the 10 characteristics that make a leader a servant leader. What is servant leadership? Servant […]

How can businesses work at a distance long-term?

Google and Facebook were among those who announced that employees would be able to work remotely until 2021. Twitter, however, has gone one step further, stating that staff can stay at home for as long as they wish. These bold declarations are made before 2020 is even halfway through. It suggests that many businesses are shifting and leaning towards being distant even after the pandemic passes. Remote working is not a new trend. Studies show that global uptake has increased by 91% in the past decade. However, coronavirus has accelerated its rise to mass adoption. Businesses need to think about […]

How can business leaders improve digital experiences at work?

Digital transformation is crucial for your business’ success. However, technological advances are dominating the business world. It’s crucial to evaluate the digital additions in your company to determine if they are making the expected changes. You may be wondering where to begin as a business leader. We explore five ways to improve the digital experience at work. Offer training on digital tools There are many ways digital additions can fit in your company. It can speed up your employees’ work processes, such as upgrading devices or installing software. Workers often need to adapt to new technology because technology is constantly […]

How businesses can reduce production costs and improve productivity post COVID-19

Efficiency is about getting more out of the same. Productivity is about getting more. It’s about growth as much as it is about voiding waste. The greatest challenge post COVID-19 will be that we don’t know what the future holds. We know that there will be a long transition period before things settle down to the new normal. These are our top tips to project managers who want to increase productivity in uncertain times. Growth is the goal – Although the economy will be difficult for the foreseeable future there will always be opportunity for growth. It is important to […]

How are UK companies combating climate change?

It is no longer possible to ignore climate changes. To combat climate change, governments around the globe have made a series of commitments to reduce carbon emissions, increase recycling, and find alternatives to single-use plastics. These commitments are not always kept. Despite its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2020, the UK will still miss its carbon reduction targets for 2025 and 2030. Bolsenaro and Trump, climate skeptics, are actively reversing some of the gains made in the past decade with the rollback of environmental protection policies, and an increase in intensive agricultural processes. Instead, they offer […]

How AI is Transforming the Law Business

Not so long ago, Artificial Intelligence was used only in STEM industries and science fiction. While the perception of AI as a super-smart robot taking over the world is slowly fading, there is still a strong feeling that AI is not affecting certain industries. Professions that heavily rely on natural language and human analysis are often the first to reject AI’s merits. They cite innate human judgment and intuition as an irreplaceable requirement. However, Artificial Intelligence has already transformed many sectors. Tech experts agree that the technology will continue its major impact on the daily work of legal professionals and […]