AWS S3 Object Versioning

S3 Object Versioning S3 Object Versioning allows you to keep multiple versions of an object in one bucket. It can be used to preserve and retrieve all versions of any object stored in the S3 bucket. S3 Object Versioning can protect against accidental overwrites and deletions Versioning keeps multiple copies of the same object as a whole. Charges apply for multiple versions, e.g. A 1GB file would have 5 copies, each with minor differences. You would be charged for the 5GB storage space. Buckets may be found in any of the three states Unversioned (the default). Versioning-enabled Versioning-suspended S3 Object […]

AWS S3 Object Management

S3 Object Lifecycle Management S3 can manage the object lifecycle by using a lifecycle configuration. This defines how S3 manages objects throughout their lifetime. Lifecycle configuration allows for simplified object lifecycle management. Moving of less frequently used objects, backup or archive of data for several year, or permanent deletion. All transitions are controlled automatically by S3 The Lifecycle Management rules that apply to a bucket cover all existing objects as well as those that will be added to it. S3 Object Lifecycle Management allows 2 types of behaviorTransition where the object’s storage class changes Expiration occurs when the objects expire […]

AWS S3 Glacier

AWS S3 Glacier S3 Glacier is a storage solution that’s optimized for archived, infrequently used data or “cold” data. S3 Glacier is a highly secure, durable, low-cost storage solution for data archiving or long-term backup. S3 Glacier is designed for an average annual durability of 99.999999999% to an archive. S3 Glacier stores redundant data in multiple facilities on multiple devices. Glacier syncs data across multiple facilities to increase durability. Then, Glacier returns SUCCESS upon uploading archives. Glacier is designed to automatically heal itself and performs regular, systematic data integrity tests. Glacier allows customers to outsource the administrative burden of scaling […]

AWS S3 Data Protection

AWS S3 Data Protection S3 provides data protection with S3 using durable storage infrastructure that is designed for primary and mission-critical data storage. Objects are redundantly stored across multiple devices at multiple facilities in an S3 area. S3 PUT and Object Copy operations synchronize data across multiple facilities before returning success. Once objects are stored, S3 maintains their durability by quickly detecting redundancy and repairing it. S3 regularly checks the integrity of data stored with checksums. S3 will repair data that has been corrupted by S3 using redundant data. S3 also calculates checksums for all network traffic to detect corruption […]

AWS S3 Data Consistency model

AWS S3 Data Consistency model S3 Data Consistency ensures strong read-after-write consistency when requesting PUT or DELETE objects from the S3 bucket in all AWS regions This behavior is applicable to both writes to new objects and PUT requests that overwrite existing object and DELETE requests. Strongly consistent read operations on S3 Select and S3 ACLs, S3 Tags, S3 Metadata, and S3 Object Tags (for example, HEAD) are possible. Updates to a single key can be done atomically. For example, if you PUT to an already existing key, a subsequent reading might return the old or the updated data but […]

Recommendations for IT Security Pros: No cost to learn

Recommendations for IT Security Pros I began to deliver many free online classes and started to receive many emails almost every day from people asking for my help. This is a continuous process, as Cybercriminals, Cybersecurity industry, and Nation States are always one step ahead of anyone who wants to defend. It’s not an easy job being a defender. You can also get certifications such as EC Council, SANS and ISC, Logical Operations, etc. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the news every day about what is happening around you. I have provided a few links […]

Real time enterprise forensics platform : Great News EUR8.7 million …

Real time enterprise forensics platform Table of Contents For those they don’t know, I am part of Binalyze’s Board of Advisors team. This team develops a real-time forensic platform. EU Startup just donated EUR8.7 million to us and featured us on their website. Here’s the complete story: By : Patricia Allen Binalyze, an enterprise forensics platform, has raised EUR8.7million in order to help companies respond more effectively to cyber threats. OpenOcean led the funding with Earlybird Digital East participating. This was Binalyze’s pre-seed round in 2011. Cybercrime is a major concern for enterprises in this digital age. Over half of […]

READY CERT G0 – A Spectacular Opportunity for 4 Free Learning

READY CERT G0 AUWS004 – READY CERT GO MIROSOFT SERVER & TOOLS SERIES Certification – you’ll eventually get there. With technology constantly changing and more customers looking to you to help get the most out of their IT investments, that day could be now. Our two-stage Exam Preparation Sessions are designed for you to get ready for certification. It’s the smartest way to ensure you get to the end of the line first time, with senior tech experts helping you answer the tough questions. Upcoming: Live Tutorial Webinars. If you are ready to get serious about your exams, our free […]

Remote working: Be ready to beat COVID19 cyber threats

Remote working is possible As published in : industry/technology/watch-digitalks-on-the-uaes-readiness-for-remote-working By Giorgia Guantario The first DigiTalks edition was published by Tahawultech’s editorial staff Mark Forker, Giorgia Guantario, and Tatiana Labaki (Senior Manager – Revenue & Analytics), respectively. They discussed their experiences with remote working. The COVID-19 epidemic has had severe consequences for all industries. While many businesses were forced to close temporarily by the UAE government, many others have had the luxury of remote working in order to continue their operations. It is important to know how to equip employees to meet this need. Avaya, Google, and Microsoft are offering some […]

Ransomware Attacks: All you need to know

Ransomware Attacks Table of Contents Ransomware Attacks Ransomware attacks are the most serious threat to individuals, SMBs and enterprises in the past decade. Ransomware attacks have increased dramatically in the last few years for organizations all over the globe. Ransomware attacks have changed over time, from CryptoLocker to WannaCry to NotPetya. Ransomware Definition Ransomware is a malicious program that prevents victims from accessing their files and systems. It locks the victims’ files and other devices hostage with strong encryption until they pay a ransom. Ransomware has existed since the beginning. However, ransomware variants are becoming more sophisticated in their capabilities. […]