Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Security certification is widely accepted by professionals in the networking industry. This course validates your core skills and ability to manage a secure network. Cyber threats are on the rise and there is a growing demand for certified CCNP security professionals.
Here are the benefits of CCNP Security certification for your career in 2022.
Deep understanding of the network industry: The CCNP Security certification will allow you to understand the requirements of the sector and the technical skills required to solve complex problems. You will also be able to understand the architecture of complex business networks and what it takes for a business to have a secure network.

Expanded professional knowledge: The current certification gives you knowledge of technologies such Cisco ASA Firewalls and Routers, Switches and VPN, Flex VPN, ISE Server, and other related technologies. This certification is part of the CCIE Security program. This certification can be used to enhance your resume for job interviews at large-scale companies or when you switch career paths into a wider technology area.

High potential salary: The CCNP Security certification automatically qualifies you for many job opportunities, such as network administrator, network architect, network administrator, or IT manager. The updated course doubles the value of your professional expertise and is more lucrative than the salaries earned by professionals who were previously certified. According to PayScale the annual salary for CCNP Security certified network engineer ranges from US$ 56,000 to US$ 132,000.

A CCNP Security certification can give you an edge over other applicants. Potential employers will also be informed about your ability and willingness to learn and improve your skills.

Keep ahead of the competition You can take advantage of the bonuses, pay rises, and promotions that come with CCNP Security certification. This certification can also help you find a better job, without having to start from scratch when you change jobs.

Advanced career-ready training: The CCNP Security certification prepares and equips you for networking. It boosts your confidence and gives you job-ready training skills. This reduces the training costs of employees for an organization.

Advanced certifications are possible with the CCNP Security certification. This certification is the foundation for further learning and higher-level certifications such as CCNP or CCIE. This opens up many opportunities for qualified professionals to grow their careers using Cisco technologies.

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