Celebrating Black History: Technologists That Continue to Inspire, Motivate Today’s Leaders

CompTIA’s Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community asked members to profile notable black technologists who have inspired and motivated them throughout their careers. They chose to profile some of today’s most influential tech leaders, as well as NASA pioneers. Initiatives to support tech businesses to be more diverse, equal and inclusive (DEI), are making inroads to allow traditionally underrepresented groups to find greater opportunity within the IT industry. According to a CompTIA survey, 2021, many companies believe that DEI programs are the right thing and/or are beneficial for business. However, there is still much work to be done. Recognizing Black […]

Three Innovators Are Transforming the Tech Industry: Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Learn more about 3 individuals who have had long and successful careers as technology professionals in the AAPI community. Welcome to Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We recognize the achievements and celebrate the contributions made by the AAPI community in the United States each May. Why celebrate AAPI heritage May? The month was chosen to commemorate the May 1843 arrival of the first Japanese immigrant to America and the May 1869 completion of the transcontinental railroad. This was done with the help of as many as 20,000 workers from China. […]

Canadian Tech Predictions 2022: From Collaboration and Virtual Desktops

What are the near-term trends Canada’s MSPs, solution provider–and all tech companies –should be aware of in 2022? We asked CompTIA’s Canadian Business Technology Community members their predictions for the year. Here are their thoughts. After falling for most of 2020, net tech employment in Canada is expected to rise 1.3% last year, despite the continuing impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. IDC predicts that tech spending in Canada will reach C$132.6 billion by 2025. This is due to cloud computing, core business apps, security, and customer experience. But how do we get there? What are the near-term trends that MSPs, […]

How to Get Rid of Inferiority Complexes in Your Life

We live in a world where people work hard to achieve certain goals. They are driven to achieve their goals and pursue their career in the way they choose. Although unemployment is a dangerous disease that is rapidly spreading around the globe, it is also influenced by many factors. These factors include the economic situation of the state and the individual skills of the person. Social and economic factors are the main causes of unemployment. However, individuals should pay attention to these factors in order to overcome the problem. Personality Development Personality is a key aspect of a person’s life. […]

How to create a penetration test report

One of the most exciting jobs in cybersecurity is that of a penetration tester. You can legally hack into production networks to find vulnerabilities, and possibly gain root, system/nt authority or DomainAdmin(DA). This could bring up images of you running your latest exploits to pop the reverse shell, then running your most powerful priv-esc scripts and finally issuing the whoami command to reveal admin access. It’s a great job! But… You have to now create a professional-looking report for your client. This is the final product that you sold them when you bid on the job. I will show you […]

How to configure multiple networks using one router

This post is shared: Anyone who spent late nights playing video in a friend’s dorm will recall the joys of setting-up a local-area networking (LAN) back in the days before Wi Fi was available. Although it was a great way to have fun with friends while playing video games, the benefits of setting up multiple LANs on one router offer a number of important benefits for IT professionals and businesses. Given the difficulties of configuring and maintaining a single network on a router’s router, network administrators (or those managing networks at home) tend to avoid configuring multiple LANs from a […]

How to improve efficiency in your business work flow

Every business must be able to deal with the constantly changing market and environmental challenges. Businesses must adapt their workflow activities to meet the needs of the business. To be efficient in business operations, every organization must follow a formal and systematic approach. To effectively manage business processes and the tasks of workers, it takes a lot more effort and strategies. Business specialists are required to manage the daily workflows within the organization. This could include selling, production, and technical advancements. Business Process Management’s main purpose is to enable organizations to adapt quickly to technological advances and environmental changes. The […]

How can you make your career in fire and safety more successful?

Many people want to work in fire safety and firefighting. Every industry must comply with the regulations regarding fire safety and other safety measures. This is a critical step in ensuring the efficiency of an organization. Compliance with fire and safety regulations in an organization will improve the productivity and motivation of its employees and workers. Many courses are accredited around the globe to provide quality education and training for professionals in the fire and safety field. The following are some of the most popular Fire and Safety Courses that can be taken by individuals: 1. Certified Fire Protection Specialist […]

College Students May Consider Buying Course Material a Top Source for Financial Stress [INFOGRAPHIC]

Reading Time: 1 Minute. According to a Morning Consult survey, 1,651 students and their parents were concerned about the financial stress caused by textbooks and course material. Students will also sacrifice basic needs such as food and time with their loved ones to pay for their course materials, according to the Morning Consult survey. These are the key findings 85 percent of students feel that paying for textbooks or course materials can be financially stressful. 20% of students surveyed said they had changed their majors to lower costs. 81% of students believe that digital course materials are more accessible than […]

College Graduates Feel Positive About the Future Despite Growing Loan Debt & Rising Housing Costs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cengage sponsored Wakefield Research’s survey to examine the opportunities for graduates in 17 indicators. These included economic, employment and personal well-being. The results showed that students are generally optimistic about their future, despite the challenges of student loan debt and rising housing costs. “A college education has been long considered the path to a better career and ultimately a better quality of life ….The Index indicates that college is still a sound investment. However, students’ optimism about the future shows they don’t realize how housing costs and loan debt can impact their ability find the jobs they desire. This clearly […]